Who here tracks their OT parts back into the OT for exporting to DAW?

I think I read here somewhere about the workflow of recording each track from the OT into itself, and then saving and renaming that recording and pulling it into the DAW.

I believe the OT can record around 4 mins of audio or so at 24bits (I may be off here), but I am curious who does this and what the workflow is like? My idea would be to make a tune on the OT and record maybe 64-128 bars of it. First 8 or so would be as is, and then I would work the slider to get more effects and variations in.

Then import into ableton session view and start the clip in at different bars of the recordings for each row so I can arrange the track.

Just seeing if this makes sense or if I am missing something. In my mind it would make the OT a true standalone experience until importing into the DAW, which is pretty cool.

You might want to check this thread:

16bits : 8m28s (508s) max total/1m03s for 8 tracks
24 bits : 5m39s (339s) max total/42,3s for 8 tracks


Thanks I could not find that thread, that is what I was looking for.

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