Who of you work with Native Instruments gear?

Just asking, … i stumbled upon the stem-thing and after some research i visited the webpage … looks promising given the fact that it is using a computer in order to function

Maschine Mk3. Pretty happy with it even though I am using Bitwig more and more these days because of the insane modulation options.

The Mk3 is really great if you want to jam ideas out quickly. Really streamlined workflow and NI offers a huge library of excellent and tweakable presets.

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Can’t you use the Maschine as a plugin in Bitwig and have both?

I use Maschine (w/Maschine Studio controller) primarily now. I absolutely love it, especially with Komplete integration.

I was stranded for years just noodling around and ‘jamming’ and when I started using it, it really just instantly gelled with me. The integration with the controller is so damn good. Easy to make a song without looking at the computer monitor.

As a complete DAW and sequencer it has limitations (no PDC, clunky for many types of sequence editing) but as for me immediately making stuff I just love it.

Sure, you can totally do that.

It’s not really something I enjoy though because I prefer to work within a more-or-less consistent environment. Both are great at what they do, but having them both running at the same time feels weird to me.

I expect this to totally not be an issue for other people. :slight_smile:

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Were there timing/sync problems when using the Maschine’s sequencer within the DAW?

+1, fairly new maschine mk3 user coming from MPCs. If you use native software (which I do a lot) then maschine is the bomb. It feels like a nice hands on interface premapped to all my instruments. I don’t think there’s much out there that makes software feel like a real instrument how maschine does for me. I wish you could quantise pattern or scene changes like ableton clips, also uploading your own chord progressions in chord mode would be nice but those are my only gripes. I like it so much I’m considering the keyboard too

It has a chord mode?

No, just works like any other plugin.

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It has chord mode and scale mode, you can set your root note and it locks all the pads to the scale. You can hold down multiple notes and use the touch strip to strum the chord, also chord mode goes through the arp, there’s quite a lot of options already, there’s not much to complain about

I picked up a MK2 recently. Haven’t used it much yet. I don’t see a “Chord” button anywhere. Is this MK3 only or was it added in a recent update?

@Nagualizer there’s more button per function on the mk3 but you have these features

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can you build up your own sample-library, for example AR-drums

Yeah, it’s got a tagging system for organising everything too

One of the big improvements on the Mk3 are the dedicated buttons above the pads to toggle input mode.

Sweet. That’s really well done, Elektron take note!

Would be great if Maschine made it possible to enter those chords in step edit mode.
Or does it?