Who offers clip launching with mixed scenes?

I wonder which devices / DAWs offer mixed scenes of clips/patterns launching (instead of the whole-row-approach).

The Roland MC707 and the Arturia Keystep Pro offer this, but these are the only ones, as it seems (may Roland Fantom, too?).

Ableton, Bitwig, the new Apple Logic LoopLauncher, MPC “Sequences”, Digitakt, AKAI Force all have the ability to run several “clips”/“patterns” with different lengths at the same time, each on its channel/track, but if I want to store a certain combination of clips playing/launching simultaneously, I have to copy the individual parts around so they are all in the same row (bitwig), or same pattern (digitakt).

I find the “mixed scene” approach of MC707 very appealing.
Hard to believe that all DAWs with Clip launchers (Bitwig, Ableton, Logic) don’t offer this feature. (Don’t know about Mixcraft. 1010BlackBox and Serato stuff or other iOS sequencers).

Please hint me at solutions / options for mixed scene handling capable devices or workflows - thank you!

Imaginando’s LK offers something like this is in its Matrix module.

Atom (and maybe Photon) within AUM too, but they seem underdeveloped as yet.

I have a trick on Octatrack for ‘hiding’ three more patterns ‘behind’ the currently playing one on each track within a single pattern, so they can act like clips to be ‘launched’ within that one pattern using Page Copy


Ableton with a Push can do this.

You can select any clips you want from any row.

Wanna save that combination? Make it its own row. Done.

Also, and I’m gapping the company name right now, there are ableton add-ons that can change all sorts of program behavior. I’ll go look for it… maybe it’s ClyphX

Edit: yep. ClyphX Pro

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The Launchpad app on iOS can do this but it’s purely sample based. There is no way to trigger midi clips for example. It does have some pretty interesting stuff under the hood though, some nice effects and time stretching. You very much need to prepare your samples elsewhere and import them to Launchpad for performing.

Squarp Pyramid.
what we call scenes here is called sequences in Pyramid-speak.

Nanoloop 1/2/mono has had this for many years

Ableton Live has the ‘Capture and insert scene’ command that will copy any playing clips to a new scene automatically


Deluge implements that too. They use colour to do this.