Who’s using a subwoofer + best headphones for referencing sub bass

So I recently got my first pair of good monitors, a used pair of Dynaudio BM6As. They are listed as going down to 41Hz, but I’m finding myself lusting after the BM9s subwoofer to compliment them (if I come across one at a good price).

I have read a lot of mixed experiences about subwoofers in home studios and I’m wondering what people’s experiences here have been.

Also, my trusty pair of Sony 900st headphones that I have been monitoring with for the last 10-12 years are falling apart. I’m wondering if people have a preferred pairs of headphones for referencing sub bass. I’m thinking a good pair of cans could fill in until I find a good deal on a sub.

I’m interested to follow this one too man.

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cud always add one of them bass back pack things-

I’ve seen those. Are they any good?

+1, I don’t really have an appropriately prepared space to jump into subwoofers and I don’t want to create more problems so I’m after some nice cans.

@s3kn0tr0n1c that is some futuristic shit, I wonder how well it works. it seems too gimmicky to be legit.

Edit: seems to have pretty glowing reviews on Amazon, Interesting

”As a professional musician/audio engineer for over 15 years, I can confidently say the is the most revolutionary game changer since the first time I heard a sub in a well treated room. I will never again produce, mix or master without this thing strapped on.”

This is sort of an interesting video on subwoofers. It was interesting to hear that a well-functioning subwoofer helps to more accurately represent reverb and sense of space, so for instance by filling in missing frequencies it will allow a violin to be more clearly pinpointed within a mix. Even if mixing with a sub is difficult, I wouldn’t mind having one just for listening to music, if that’s the case.

I’m using a sub with my genelec 8030’s. It’s a 7050B. Took some time to set it up correctly. It’s a very powerful sub, so you have to be careful and use them just for bass frequency extension, not boosting. Using Grado headphones for everything else. Love open headphones.


Yeah, I’ve heard of people complaining that their mixes started sounding thin after they started using a sub. That’s why I was sort of thinking that maybe I just mix on the BMA6s, which goes relatively deep, and then periodically referencing on some good cans to check sub bass.

I’m still interested in a sub though, even if just for recreational listening (or for using with my bass or synths).

Question: is it possible to use the sub at relatively low volumes levels as well?

The Lofelt Basslet is really good.
I use it for music production and also just for getting some bass whilst on the go or working when listening to music.
Was one of the original Kickstarter backers so been using it for a few years now.
Feels strange at first but then when your brain ties up the vibration to the music then it feels so real.
Well worth checking out :slight_smile:

I use a sub (Yamaha HS8S) with my monitors (Mackie HR824MK2) because it just feels good! I have a lot more fun hearing some sub bass and the HS8S isn’t too big and pretty tight and deep, not so muddy or boomy…

I usually am just recording jams and not making tracks, but if/when I do need to make a serious mix I’ll either turn it off or do some serious frequency level testing in the room to get a good setup, I don’t have sound dampening yet anyway though… Or I could use the phones, which I have done a little…

These phones I use supposedly go down to 15hz… They definitely reveal things on the low end and the really low fundamentals of bass drums and things become way more apparent…
(I have the older version but it’s pretty much the same)

For me a sub is just too much fun not to have and makes me feel the music in really pleasing ways, you can turn it off when mixing or go back and forth if you want… Just sayin, life’s more fun with a sub at least available…

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Ive never used them but tons of videos on youtube raving about them.

Id defo like to try them out. Set of good headphones and subpac is meant to be really good :ok_hand:

They are on my “to buy one day” list…

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I’ve used a number of beyerdynamic headphones over the years and these have been my favorite. The slider is kind of gimmicky at first, but the sub is rich at the extreme setting and the less extreme settings provide a clear image of the high-lows/low-mids. I use the less extreme settings to remove mud from my kicks and the extreme settings to tune the sub.

They are also very well built with a removable cable.

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i’ve got a subpac and it’s great. really easy to go overboard for accurate bass response but using it just a touch really brings out the low end on tracks to see where they sit. really good for dialing in sidechain/compression with

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Dude, Subpac %100. So many benefits, not the least of which is being able to mix your subs at headphone-level volume. Takes some getting used to, but honestly no complaints about not having an actual subwoofer cabinet in my small studio space. I use the S2.


I’m glad to hear this. That sub is one of the most widely available here in Japan and also affordable. I know it is meant to be paired with the Yamaha monitors, so I was wondering how it would work with other brands. Based on what you’ve said, it sounds like it could be a good contender as I’m a bit reluctant to spend $1,000 on a sub not knowing how it will sound in my space (and return policies are horrible here in Japan).

My monitors go down pretty low, so I’ve been using them and a Tech 21 Sansamp to practice bass, but I’m guessing a sub would make it that much more enjoyable since the low E string (41Hz) still lacks a bit of oomph.

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I’ll give these a listen. I notice quite a few people online recommending these for low end.

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That’s where I was at, wanted a sub, couldn’t spend a fortune… My only complaint is the crossover doesn’t go below 80hz, but it actually sounds good that way and pairs well with my Mackies… You can crossover from the computer if needed… It’s not that big or high wattage which I like, it does good for filling in the bottom end in a medium size room without being over powerful… I always wondered where the bass of the lower notes of my Little Phatty was, with the sub I can play lower on the keyboard and it’s still loud and deep…

My Mackies go down to 37hz with a passive bass radiator, specs say for HS8S 22hz or 33hz depending on sensitivity setting. I can for sure tell a big difference with the sub though…

Those phones are the only ones I’ve ever had that are any good so I have nothing to compare them to, they were recommended by some people though and there’s tons of good reviews on the Internet…

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What the hell are these strap on subwoofers!!?? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I felt like i’m in a dream or something when I saw… interesting as hell lol.

I love my Sony MDR-7520’s. You can nab them for less than 300USD and the bass is nice and tight. I bought them because I needed a closed back design. Bonus is that they’re also comfortable enough to wear while traveling.

When I first got them, I definitely over-hyped the high frequencies, but after using them for a while the bass drivers were worn in and now they are my go-to set.

If you turn the volume of the sub down, does it send the full frequency range to your monitors? I’m just wondering what to do in those situations where you don’t want to use the sub, like at night.