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When i’m perusing the Elektronauts forum i kind of feel lonely, like i’m the only one actually here. On Elektron Users, seeing ‘Who’s on line’ & the number of views of post in Elektron actually made me feel like the forum was active & buzzing. I used to leave Elektron Users open on my desktop to keep checking updates, now i come & go but never remain here. Please add these small features ; ) Just to give the feel of people actually hanging out here & browsing the forums.



Thanks for the input! Being able to see how many users that are online could be interesting and relevant info. We will consider this!


Completely agree. Really did give EU a kind of buzz and energy.

Yes I’m in agreement too! Was kinda cool to see familiar names logged in!!!

I’m going to go against the grain and say what a waste of time. The amount of participation is indicated by the Forum Activity Tab. Have a question post a question, want to reply post a reply, just because Nein and Blue are viewing the forum doesn’t mean that I’ll stay or ‘hang out’. Hang out and do what? See who is on the forum? And do what? Hang out. What is that achieving? Ummm if you want to be part of a community then you need to participate. That means asking questions, post replies, help others, not staying or hanging out because such and such is online. It’s not a chat room.

I understand your point & i do participate, but to me it feels like an online Depository, not a dynamic community forum. Yes it’s probably a bit OCD & just my personal opinion but having these features won’t diminish anyone’s experience, whereas not having them certainly diminishes mine. I’m not such a sad case that i’m literally hanging around waiting for my online pals to show up but these features on EU simply felt welcoming & gave the visual impression of an active forum. Cheers!

Is this still being considered?

Was a bonus in the previous Community.

fyi you can see online status of your contacts. so uh… just add everyone as a contact.