Why Digitakt sample storage is not full 1GB?

1GB = 1024MB and I also read that factory samples don’t count - yet my DT shows only 957MB as available after +Drive formatting. Any ideas why? Thanks

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As with a computer, laptop or mobile phone, I expect the additional space may be used by the OS. Not 100% sure though and would be interesting to confirm. I haven’t emptied my DT to see how much space there is available.

Good point
I even checked now info on the website and it indeed says " 1 GB +Drive storage" (NOT 1gb for samples)
Still - would be good to confirm

The default samples also take a bit of space

Nope, it was said here by Elektron employee(s) that they are counted separately (outside of mentioned 1gb)

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I guess I was spreading fake news, then

17 MB is a lot of space but it might be used for keeping the hash of each sample, the folder structure and tags, plus the Sounds of the +Drive banks.
Add the different Projects and settings.
I think this would make sense.

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Actually we’re talking about 67mb missing (as RAM I believe is not a part of +Drive)

RAM is loaded from the +Drive, I think it would make sense that there’s some room on the +Drive to swap such content (except the memory kept for sampling), so that you don’t loose your work if power is brutally shut down. But I might be wrong…


The RAM is 64MB right?

Isn’t there some thing about having enough room on the flash storage for everything that’s in the RAM, something to do with a supercap or something for backup?

I’m out of my depth here, but I think it’s something along those lines.


What he said :point_up_2:

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it is what it is…
c64 only had 38k properly available.
theres nothing to be done about it… many other things think about.