WHY does my sample start out sliced?

I’m a noob. I have an active track with a sample selected and used grid recording and set up a trig for it, just one trig because it’s a long loop. But whenever the trig is triggered my sample starts out like it is sliced and then it plays normally. I must have done something but I don’t know what. This is holding me back so hopefully I described it well enough for someone to understand my question.

Thank you.

Pobably put the track there after having sliced something else previously. The slices remain even if you load new samples (can be fun). Just delete the sample slices and should be fine


Thanks Ned! I ended up just doing an empty reset and starting over because it was my first project and had other issues too. My new set and project are going well so far! Thanks again.

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It may be because of a retrig set in AMP menu.

Instead of deleting slices that you might need in another project, you can just deactivate the slice playing in the Playback configure menu (double click on playback button)