Why I'm not getting a Push 2

:slight_smile: glad I’m not the only one that never gets round to dusting between the knobs :wink:

Didn’t even know you could do that :slight_smile:

Oh, snap :slight_smile:

… more dangerous for your gear than a bottle of beer! a “living bottle” :smiley:

@dust: http://swiffer.com/en-us/shop-products/dusting/swiffer-dusters-cleaner-starter-kit is great for that purpose. never thought that I would ever be posting cleaning stuff on the internet though :smiley:

Absolutely essential piece of studio kit!
Here’s the UK equivelant: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Pledge-Fluffy-Duster/dp/B0040DD8LG
I use mine every couple of days. Great for squeezing between keys and encoders. Great for dusting speaker cones too.

Haha, thanks guys :slight_smile: never occurred to me before, as the photo so obviously tells, but I’m gonna take care of not just the kid but the Octatrack now as well <3

We need video of this performance! :slight_smile:
Something like this one: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VZpI1deyB2I

Dust is 1 thing, letting tiny people near my gear is another. The other day I found peanut butter on my Wavedrum. Aaarrgghhhh!!!

I’ll talk him into it. His sister could join, she’s pretty bad ass on the Reface CS. I’m telling you, if I recorded their performance together and said it’s Aphex Twin’s latest, no one would doubt it - they might even say it’s his most complex work yet :joy: