Why is the MM called MM ? (and not for example StereoSynth)

always wondered, now I ask …

For two (maybe three) reasons (from where I sit, anyway):

  1. Elektron uses the term “machine” to describe their synthesis types, as in all of their other music makers. The term “mono” refers to the single-note capability of each of its tracks. The MM is capable of six simultaneous monophonic machine tracks at once. Since the MM’s emphasis as an instrument lies more with its abilities as a multi-track device, it makes sense to promote these two aspects of its sound. Even putting the MM in poly mode still leaves you with a single monotimbral machine, so the name still fits.

  2. It’s also a fitting nickname for the device’s capabilities. When a person excels at any particular task or activity, we attach the word “machine” to it to describe them. “He’s a real homerun machine.”, or “You eat so many sunflower seeds all the time… you’re a sunflower seed machine!”. In this case, we’re dealing with the mono machine!

Bonus reason: To tie it even further to the MD and make it clear to the consumer and listener that the two are complimentary and definitely intended to be used together when possible. Machinedrum… MonoMachine. Family traits, and all.