Why is track 8 yellow?

Hi All,

It’s never really bothered me much, but track 8 on my DT is a feint yellow, and goes red when selected. I have another project where the track 8 button is bright yellow, and I don’t know why!

Can’t see anything in the manual


What’s it do in test mode?

Hi Jukka,

In test mode all works ok, but if I press kick or snare (track 1, 2) then the screen goes weird! All the others say ‘cowbell pressed’ etc., and all the lights go purple or green or whatever.

Also, if I hold ‘PTN’ select, track 8 on 1 project goes bright yellow! I cleared the track, and now it is no longer bright…

The first 2 trigs in test mode change the screen to test for dead spots. So the behavior you are experiencing there is normal.

There should be no reason your trig is yellow in pattern select mode though. Yellow is only for trigless trigs in sequences.

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would it help if I did a factory reset or change the OS do you think? (I already have 1.11)

I’ve got the same issue with my Octa FX2 light, it’s not the soft blue anymore, even in test mode, always a dim Yellow, when I select FX2 it still turns red though thankfully.

There are three LEDs red, green, blue.

White is with all three lit (in the middle above). Yellow is red and green, (no blue) on the edge above between red and green. So if the blue LED is broken (dim or out or physically blocked) a white color will look yellow.

That’s why i said try test mode. If that’s working and you can get all three colors then your hardware is fine. Then it’s either a software problem (very doubtful at this stage of things with the DT) or it’s an operator misunderstanding


This is epic

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indeed - very helpful and interesting!. thanks Jukka - i’m convinced that the blue element has disappeared, hence the yellow.

I’ve opened a ticket with Elektron, and will be sending a repair under factory warranty!