Why… why… why…

Can I never remember how to make a Scene / Performance. The combination of button presses just doesn’t stick in my brain. Urgh.

dhehe i m not alone! it s still hard for me to select the track i want to be mod by the scene!

I always forget to hit record to delete a track. What happens if i don’t?

Lotsa near heart attacks on that one.

not alone either. always have to go back to manual. And even in manual it’s shit.

Btw… 3 fingers to do it but just right now i can’t remember…

It’s a process but it comes after a while.

Select the pad you want the scene to be on, then select the track you want to effect. Hold the scene pad down and tweak…

Why can’t things be as easy as they are on the OT.

It’s not that difficult or complicated… Just go into scene/performance mode, press function on a pad to enter into the edit mode, then select the track you want to modulate and hold down the scene/performance pad while turning the parameters.

Once it clicks, it clicks, just practice every day.

I tend to use performance mode on the track that is selected. I just press the desired pad a few times. With and withouf function, then hold it and tweak params. Always works :slight_smile:

Why why why can’t I just press the encoders to select something from the list like the a4?