Will BOSS FS-5U start/stop RYTM MK2?

Greetings Sonic Strangers,
Will BOSS FS-5U start/stop RYTM MK2?

If not has a basic, mid grade, and top notch foot control pedal yet been discovered outside of the morning star mc6, soft step, soleman, and logidy?

Thanks my friends & Godbless.

No. The AR MkII can only be externally controlled via MIDI.

What do you mean by “basic, mid grade, and top notch”? What features or characteristics are you looking for?


I want to be able to choose and open a new project with my feet if possible.

As far as I know, that’s not possible by MIDI or any other external method.


Do you know if anything or have any experience with a footswitch device that will at least “press the play button” on the RYTM MK2 for me to start a song? I also have the Roland gr-55 and Boomerang III and a BOSS looper was wandering if any of those pedals might “press play” on the MK2 for me…

You can start the AR by sending it a MIDI System Realtime “START” message. There are many devices that can do this.

Roland GR-55 will not, according to its manual.

Boomerang III as far as I can tell will not as, according to its manual, it does not send MIDI messages.

Which Boss looper do you have?

The pedals you mentioned, but excluded, in your first post will work (subject to checking the manual) and there are no doubt other MIDI pedals that will do the job.

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Wowzers, thank you for deciphering all of that for me. I’ll have to take a look around online then and decide what to get. Thinking the morning star though. I checked the Boss looper and it doesn’t even have a midi input.

Note that for what you stated you want (“a footswitch device that will at least “press the play button” on the RYTM MK2 for me to start a song”) what matters is whether the device has a MIDI Out port.

It seems like all the Morningstar devices will do what you have said you want. It’s worth thinking about exactly what you want before choosing, though.

Thanks Peter. Midi Outport noted. Yeah…Its around 180 for the small one, but then they have the master one for a little over 100 more. Might make more cents to buy that one. Right now I only want to start and stop, but in the future I may learn how to utilize it more for my other midi gear. Cheers.