Will Elektron update the Digi screens to match the syntakt?

I feel like this is inevitable but I’ve been mentally checked out for the past few years. I like the idea of a syntakt and a digitakt but I really prefer the new screens to the old neon green ones.

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It’d be sick to be able to get custom colors, I’ve been lusting after a hot pink one lol

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I hope so!
Never liked the yellow/green. And since jiving with ST but also wanting samples and a compressor with HPF SC, I’d be very likely to buy a DT with a black/white display.


Green?! They’re yellow!

And I very much hope not. The yellow screens are so much kinder on the eyes, rather than blasting blue/white light into your retina.

In my view, the yellow screens are far nicer aesthetically too. Warm and inviting, rather than harsh and cold.


I prefer yellow. For me, the yellow screen has become a sort of trademark of DT and DN. It is very recognisable.

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