Will my MD UW be in OB sync via AH

Hi noob question here would like to get AH sometime soon to process my MD UW will the MD UW be in overbridge sync via the AH overbridge USB or will I still have to midi up MD UW to abletons clock …thankyou sorry for dumb ass question …slow learner here .:grinning::musical_score:

Do you mean: will MD be available in OB ?

Short answer is: no.

You will need to process it old school, syncing clock via Midi

I think that @Kasi asi is asking whether the AH will send out MIDI clock if it is receiving a sync signal from Overbridge.

I would guess that the answer is yes, eventually, although Overbridge is not yet enabled for AH. But if there are any Overbridge users out there who can answer @Kasi’s question, please post.


thankyou sickijik and peter for your comments yes peter that is what i meant will i get any devices pulgged into the AH recieve OB sync.

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This is how it works with the AR, so AH should work in a similar fashion