Will there be a MK III? >Feature Requests<

First of all, thank you for the MKII - it was one of my favorite machines 10 years ago. I’m currently having fun acclimating to the Analog 4 & trying to lay some new tracks down. With FM and DigiPro, this unit should be brought back a s a MkIII - There were a few key features about the MK II that could be improved upon:

-the DigiPro should accept wave forms with multiple cycles (15-30) for realistic wave table synth action

-Tweaking parameters for the sine wave generator (0 pos. offset and sub-oscillator) for super bass

-Waveform merge for other waveform generators for thick sonic possibilities

-FM+ sub oscillator with different wave forms

-Per-step accent values

I think the MK3 should merge the machinedrum and monomachine together. Any of the 16 tracks can be either type of machine. Keep it silver and square buttons.


boomtish thats a great idea - combo of 16 tracks of mduw/mono
can we have an analog filter and md ram 16 bit sampling and we are good to get down with mk3 mmm duw

thats mmm duw…mmm duw!! wud mmmm

10 years ago? mk2?

you sure?

why is it not still one of your favs?

i have mk1 that i bought 6 mths after it was released

and in some ways it just stomps the a4

and still a fav, cause none can do what it can do once you tickle it nicely

i vote for this :slight_smile: in case there will ever be an MKIII :sob:

I just got my MKII+ and I’m loving the shit out of it. There’s a few weird bugs but nothing I can’t live with. Every time I sit down in front of it I lose at least an hour.

You earn one hour…

You earn one hour…[/quote]
Yes :slight_smile:
Hey maybe there’s a new OS feature request - Flight Hours Logged! LSDJ had this… I’ve been leaving mine on all the time though so I’d probably get artificially high scores.

I just killed it that’s all - recorded way too much with it and was simply ready for a new sound - was still great to gig with, but eventually you need to move on to new toys with different sounds

  • fully parametric filter
    -CC cross patching

Ooh yes… A Mk 3 MonoMachine with sampling … A sampling MonoMachine.

My dream machine

i want different track lenght in the mm, like the A4. but for this i dont need an mk3, an update would be enough

+1 for a revision, or discontinue the digital line and break the synthesis methods out into more complex machines :wink:

Elektron says any further updates for the MNM aren’t possible because it’s been maxed out essentially. I’d love an octatrack sequencer with microtiming and different track lengths etc.

Elektron says any further updates for the MNM aren’t possible because it’s been maxed out essentially. I’d love an octatrack sequencer with microtiming and different track lengths etc.[/quote]
yeah… if it had the OT sequencer… a couple more synth machines and some more FX it’d be unstoppable. i love the MnM. a new one would rule.

12 tracks, 4 band EQ per track and more encoders and knobs (more space between the encoders) for impros, such as a direct shortcut to “restore pattern to its original state”. Better navigation with the arps and clearing the newly created arps during your performance when restoring a pattern to its original state. Visual representation of sound levels per track to improve the level accuracy of your mix…

it’s still good fun imo.

the only os thing i’d like is replacing the digipro beatbox sounds with like tones and noise colors. sounds where it feels like you’re more open to make your own sound.

the mono machine can synthesize such nice percussion i don’t find it’s generally worth the effort to try and make them unique. some okay textures, but i don’t really feel like those sounds are super well suited for that either. i’d rather have goofy general midi sfx sounds, like dog barks, gun shots, wind, punches. lol …that stuff actually responds pretty well to making interesting percussive sounds and timbres. :sob: :joy:

other than that, a software utility to scan + listen to a chunk of audio + convert into sysex ready to go into a bunch of monomachine’s digipro UW banks / global slots / snapshots at once, linearly would be a mkiii for me.

dunno feel like there is more to the uw single cycle stuff, but i can’t be bothered to save hundreds of single cycles to upload. maybe in over bridge eventually.

I would love to have the option of linear tracks in song mode.

Analog filters. $$$$

i wish they’d make the song mode a real time pattern recorder.

go into song mode… play patterns in jam session format and it’s all recorded… edit as needed… multitrack to computer.

that’s something that should be worked out for the whole line of elektrons really…

that’s a really great idea!

As for what I’d want, probably first of all, Overbridge compatibility, but I guess that’d be a given if a Mk3 were to exist.

Maybe A4 style sound locks? I come from a tracker background, so being able to easily switch sounds for some steps in a pattern would be a nice feature, especially when conserving channel usage. I do it already to a certain extent by making a combined hihat/snare channel using SID noise, but it’d be cool to make it a bit more friendly, especially to be able to switch synthesis types!

Parameter lockable arpeggiator! It’s severely limited for what I want to do at the moment. Would be nice to at least be able to p-lock the speed.

Tempo assignable to LFO… might not be possible due to the architecture but would be really nice for crazy Autechre-style stuff (cf. fold4,wrap5). Maybe global LFOs?