Windows 10 Driver issues?

I cannot find any useful information on how to connect my Analog Rytm MK1 to the C6 program using windows 10.

When opening the C6 I get an error: Could not allocated Midi Out port.
When looking at windows device manager there are driver issues with Elektron Analog Rytm devices.

RYTM Port Settings:
Input = USB

Is this an outdated method?

For moving samples to and from the AR the Elektron Transfer app works better and faster than C6. Also works with some SYSEX, like I did a firmware update with the Transfer app of my Digitakt, I suspect it works the same way with the AR.

In the Windows device manager you can try to right click and select uninstall device. If the AR isn’t connected you can select the “show hidden devices” from the device manager “View menu”. In this view you might see multiple devices (one for each USB-controller) and you can delete them all if that’s the case. (To actually uninstall the drivers you need to use the “programs and features” in Windows, previously there was an option for some devices when uninstalling them in the device manager, but I haven’t seen this for quite some time, perhaps Microsoft removed this option in Windows 10.)

Make sure your AR is in USB midi mode and not Overbridge. Set both the midi in and out to use USB, there’s some handshake needed with the Transfer App.

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Thank you! The AR was in overbridge mode.