Work in progress (house)

first try, making a track house for another project, usually i made techno and electronic music
work in progress
any comment is welcome.

octa drums
rytm bd
ableton massive op4


This is pretty cool. It feels like Spring for my brain

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I think you have all the main ideas… But i feel your track construction could be better…
I can explain more precisely in PM tomorrow if you want. Go to bed now, but it can be a very good track :wink:

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Ok no problem Send me a message
In this track the main problem for me is the vinyl drumloop i cut these loop
but it seems it does not just work with the rest of drum sounds
I do not know, the track is unmixed I want to separate this process from the
the arregement process, why? to optimize work and finish things

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i like the beat introduction
the kick is good also in the programming
really like the vibrato pad (but not sure it’s in sync or in the groove at its begining)
bass and voice all good
Percussion nice (all good from 0 to 2mn)

your first break is maybe breaking too abruptly… or maybe if there is some tension before the it should be ok

I prefer the full voice rather when it restarted « with the ghost ghost gost »
Also this part lost the deep soulful vibrato pad you should try a replacement candidate maybe deep keys chords played… should be great with your idea of the part of the voice repeated. and make it longer so when the pad vibrato comes again people will have forgot a bit and will not be bored to heard it again too fast….

Second break the same : your break is not well introduce with tension (to me) also take again after with only Bass kick is not super fine. but very cool when percussions lines coming again into the game

Think i would do this construction sheme

Voice ambience
Intro BEAT
Vibrato pad
Break with voice and percussions like a band concert ambience place with some reverb
more groove when it star again with good piano or deep keys chords (maybe some shouts female vocal in addition to the male one)
Another break
and finishing with the vibrato pads + violin/strings or something like that.

Add some noises design to cut through so people get out from the loop a bit…

But you have something good @evilheat


ok I take note, the truth is many things
I do not know what part you are referring to
with the voice ambient?
thanks for commenting greetings

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Just a suggestion an ambience sample with voices people speaking in a jazz concert place of something like that… and then you start your intro

Ok my idea of this intro Is basically a djfriendly intro :slight_smile:

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When the kick start solo even if there’s an ambience to start :wink: it is dj friendly :slight_smile:
But do what you feel i just give you my ideas and it’s a matter of taste !


blocked for a week and with a hangover, I have drawn strength to try to finish this track I think I almost have it, your comments are welcome.