Workflow for single-cycle waveform chains for DT 1.50 in 2023?

I’d like to take a recording of some knob sweeps on my modular (knobs I don’t have on Digitakt, like wavefolding) and make some 64-slice SCW chains (I guess this is a wavetable?) to use with the Slice machine provided by the recent DT update. I have Audacity, which I can do about three things on, but I can learn more, and I can get other tools as needed. I’m just wondering about how to streamline the process. There’s a bunch of talk about SCWs in threads from when DT first came out, but maybe some of it has bitrotted, or there are better options now. Thanks for any pointers you can provide!

I think @sezare56 mentioned in another thread that DT uses snap to zero-crossing in Slice mode which can cause some pitch issues – so it’s not a perfect slice grid needed for SCWs. I would ensure that part is fixed before creating something that won’t do what you expect it to!

Link: Slice Machine snapping to Zero Crossing? - #12 by sezare56


Absolutely, that would have to be taken into account. I may be naive about this, but I’m not trying to use wavetables made elsewhere, so I have some flexibility. I thought if I hold pitch constant in my recording, and find a window with good zero-crossings, I should be able to shift that window elsewhere and find another one with different timbre? I’m probably overlooking something obvious.

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I imported a 64x sine waves.
Worked well. It didn’t work for more complex wavetables.

A perfect grid option would be necessary. You can try to export with fade outs for each waveform, but it may change their sound.


Okay, thanks, I guess I shouldn’t get my hopes up. I will try some experiments.

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