WORKFLOW: Ideas/Config/Options(DTone/DTak/Model)

I am looking for new ways to set up my flow and hoping to get suggestions as far as ways to hook up the Digitone, Digitakt, Model Samples, and the MonoStation and a MicroFreak will be in there as well. But at moment the main thing is maximizing audio/midi flow and intuitiveness of workflow for flexibility in production as well as performance.

It is like a game, so I am trying to find a way to utilize the benefits of each device while compensating weaknesses.

Perhaps like a kick drums played on the Model into Digitakt, etc.

What interesting combos have you used, tried, or have seen?


Thanks in advance.

Maybe try to choose the most versatile gear to be the master notebook. Say the DT. Start by turn on only this machine and play with it. Make a simple beat on it. Then you found a good melodie ? Switch on the DN and recreate it. Fine tune things from both gears. Dedicate MS to FX or voice or something, and add it at the end.
I don’t have theses machine, but I think if I had, I will start working like this.
I’m one of theses guy that panic in front of too many possibilities. So I like to build thing slowly.

Appreciate it.

I can only say: I have problems operating more than 2 boxes at once. Its not good for me and it tends to be a little bit sloppy to me.
But everyone is different - I make my tracks only with very few items. I prepare pattern, and practice performance these before I make a record.
I’d start like blaize told, with only one box or maybe two.
like samples + monostation, or takt+tone, or takt+freak, etc.
With that many synths you should find good pairings.

If you have a mixer and some effects, splitting the L/R information into two separate mono groups sometimes leads to interesting stuff.

There. It’s been said. This could be what you should look for.

I fancy the ones that act as a multitrack soundcard, it makes things easier. Aux sends is a good bonus.
Don’t go too cheap, such thing can last long!

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I generally had it like a 2 mini rigs…Circuit / MonoStatin (1) and Dtone/Dtakt(2)…Model Samples and Freak for transitions/details…

But since Circuit is messed up I am looking at new ways and possible chaining Model w Digitakt and using playable pads on MODEL for the DIGITAKT etc…

Thanks man for the feedback!

Agree. Birthday and XMAS coming…lol

Personally I like using multiple boxes at once, sometimes 1 box at a time, it just depends on how I’m feeling, but I also have a mixer when using multiple boxes.

There are SO many ways to use the boxes you have together. A mixer would be ideal, especially with the amount of gear you have, but of course there are still a lot of possibilities without a mixer.

What I do is experiment with different signal chains until I find a workflow that I like best & if it’s easier, maybe start with just 2 or 3 boxes.

If it was me & I had your gear & didn’t have a mixer. I would start with using the Digitakt & Digitone together… try with Digitakt as master & audio outs going into Digitone & also Digitone as master & audio outs going into Digitakt. There are pros & cons to each. While using these 2 together you can sample sounds from the MicroFreak & MonoStation into the Digitakt. Maybe even use the Model Samples with the Digiboxes & use it as the drum machine or one shot player.

You could get a nice beat going on the Digitakt & Digitone… then midi the MicroFreak with the Digitakt & get a melody going… sample that into the Digitakt & record the melody into the sequence (either chop it up to manipulate further or just lay the entire melody in the sequence). Then unhook the MicroFreak & midi the MonoStation with Digitakt & get a bassline going. Sample into Digitakt, ect, ect.

The above workflow is not ideal, but it would def give you an idea of what you like & don’t like… & once you get a mixer, a mixer would streamline the workflow plus they have other benefits like eq & effect sends.

A mixer allows me to play all of my gear at once, put any effect from my effect boxes onto any piece of gear (or multiple pieces of gear) & I can sample anything into any of my samplers without unhooking anything.