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Every time I load a Sample and move to the next pad to load another sample I have to start over at the root of the directory, how can I fix this?

It’s one of two things driving me crazy, search files find what I want, import sample, then move to next pad but have to go through searching the directories to find where I was just the moment before… please tell me there is a way to remedy this or that a remedy is on the way…

secondly every time I record a patter I have to go into the click track mode, turn on the click, record the pattern, turn off the click to hear the pattern without the click… there has got to be a setting that I’m missing somewhere to turn the click on and off automatically when I’m in record mode and play mode???

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I think these are just quirks of the system. Elektron might sort out the first one at some point, but don’t hold your breath. Regarding, the second point, I don’t think Elektron will give you the functionality you describe. It makes more sense to manually switch the metronome on and off regardless of the play/record mode – because, for example, you might want to record something without the metronome playing (a melody over a beat etc), just as much as you might want to play something back with the metronome to check the timing.

I do understand your point, but sure do wish there was an option because basically I would use both ways… more than anything I hate being in the moment and moving quickly and getting hung up on the metronome especially when I thought I’d turned it off for a pattern but hadn’t . I can handle having to set it but wish they would at least turn it off automatically after recording.

Question # 3 hey is there a way to use the control all feature with the LF0 Knob, for some reason I seem to only be able to modulate one track at a time???

When browsing samples you could copy the track to the next slot and then it would be the same sound, open up the wave selection and start from there.

LFO works for me in contrall, obviously it isn’t to noticeable if you have manipulated other parameters, particularly lfo targets. Obviously the lfo would need a target too!
You can also use the contrall to change all tracks to the same lfo destination which is crazy and fun for a breakdown/buildup.

that’s exactly how I want to use it, weird that it’s not working so far… had a freeze up today where I couldn’t get back to a regular state by pressing the back arrow and had to first go to the scale mode, then change pattern to another pattern and then go back… but the music didn’t stop or hiccup…
but knowing that control all is supposed to work with the lfo knob gives me peace of mind till I figure it out :slight_smile: thank you and thanks for the work around as well for the samples.

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Yeah seems you had a bit of a glitch there, I only had odd behaviour once but that was right after swapping a load of samples out of the HD. Same thing has happened with the DT and Rytm so I just don’t worry too much.
It’s reassuring that your problem didn’t disrupt or mess up the music though, in a live situation that would be a tough one.

You may already know this, but you can hold [Func + Reverse] to quickly turn the click on/off without going into the menu.


@captain8 You didn’t mention anything about having an LFO target on your other tracks after @BeardyJack responded. Do you have targets set for the other tracks when trying control all? Because mine works perfectly fine
on lfo speed also…

thank you, wasn’t aware of that… I will use it.

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@ptsowns and Beardyjack

ok looks like I got it now… the problem was what Beardyjack eluded to the lack of destinations, but also even before that I had thought that you could hold track and set up everything all at once and didn’t know each had to be set up individually and then the ‘lfo’ knob would work…
works perfectly now… thanks everyone, you guys are so damn helpful around here lol I appreciate it!!!


FNCT /reverse to turn off the metronome?


Thank you