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I’m new to the machinedrum (SPS1 MKII) and I’m still a bit lost regarding the workflow between kits, machines etc. So I have a few questions about the way you approach your session with the MD.

  1. Let’s say you create a kit containing 16 machines. You save the kit and name it “KIT01”. You use it in a Pattern 1.
    Now you copy your pattern 1 to pattern 2 and want to have other machines on 3 of the 16 tracks. How do you save it? To a new kit named “KIT02”, containing the 13 sounds of “KIT01” + 3 new sounds? It seems to me I’ll just end up with dozens of kits with a lot of redundant sounds…

  2. On the new unofficial firmware I’m having a lot of troubles using the Neighbour machines. Let’s say I put a GND sine machine on T1, and a neighbour Enveloppe machine on T2. I set the Nbg knob to the right so I affect T1 and not T16.
    Now on T1 let’s say I have a trig on steps 1, 5, 9 and 13. I’m supposed to set the same trigs on T2, right? And then should I mute T1? It just seems like there’s no enveloppe going on!
    Would you have any tip regarding this matter?

That’s only 2 for now but very important questions to me!
Thanks a lot!

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Yes. It’s an old machine without a sophisticated file manager; WYSIWYG.


Cool thanks!

So no +Drive ? (must be rare)
I had a MKII UW+, now a basic MKI, I planned to make kits with my fav machines (simpler without RAM ones) tweak and sample loops or sounds with DT/OT, while modulate CTR ALL machine…

It is possible to change machines with SYSEX, but it is complicated, and settings go back to initial one iirc.

Back up kits with sysex…

Yep no +drive (but it’s pretty common!)
Thanks for the advice there!