Workflow with using the sequencer and a DAW together

I have a general workflow question.
I see myself using this magic box in a variety of ways but since I’m a keyboard player, I would love to design pads, basses etc., and record MIDI to a DAW (with OB or not…).

But how about using the sequencer on some tracks/voices and others (long notes, harmonies) via the DAW and play them together. Is that a feasible workflow?


Yup, that’ll work.

Cool, thanks.
Care to elaborate…well…if you work like that. I know not everyone do this.


hello all - wanted to get your advice. for my workflow i always use a DAW (reaper). i predominantly use midi tracks mapped to the digitone t1-4. this workflow is working good for me. my question is am I wasting allot of functionality by doing it this way - compared to using all the standalone features

This is the key, IMO.

If curious to find out what you would be missing with Elektron workflow, I advise to try it by yourself: unplug the Digitone from your current setup, and force you to use it standalone for a few weeks :slight_smile:

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Since the magic of FM is in the modulation I would tend to say that you are not wasting something but potentially missing something, if you don’t use all the facitlities of the DN.

As in many other Elektron devices the synth or sound engines provide a huge number of different parameters, which can be changed and modulated at any time. We can do this from any decent DAW, of course, but this requires to set-up many CC lanes to have access to the parameters we want to use.

For complex modulations I prefer to use the p-locks on the Elektron instruments. It’s quick to operate, and immediate control of the sound, feel, and groove. At the end of the day the sound will be recorded in the DAW anyway …

It’s only about personal preference and the workflow we want to apply … :wink: