World Music Treasure Hunt

This post by @simonbradford got me thinking about something.

What is some music from your part of the world, or from a remote place that really stands out for you, or influenced how you listen to or make music?
Give me some OUT THERE stuff. I want to discover new genres!

For example, here’s one of my favorites:

(Also I’m starting work so I may be delayed in getting back to anyone. Bear with me. )


Maybe not too ‘out there’ aesthetically, but technically amazing and so damn beautiful. As an 18 year old at 4am after a ‘magical’ sort of evening, discovering Toumani was formative in my case.



and England


Not my part of the world but maybe the music you are searching.


I know the whole Shangaan thing got done to death, but I still fucking love this track.

Had our honeymoon in Bali and spent a few days in Ubud basically staring at various Gamelan performances. It was fucking excellent.

I’ve always had a bit of a soft spot for some Tuvan throat signing too.

In terms of influence though, it has to be these guys.


This is just beautiful Samsimar - Indang Pariaman (Folk & Pop Sounds of Sumatra Vol. 1) - YouTube


I find the Guqin inspiring:

It is a highly expressive solo instrument. Many performances involve texture and reverberation in ways that remind me of Feldman’s String Quartet 2. The frequent use of bent notes gives it a refined and sophisticated Acid feel too, which is fun.

Traditionally, the Guqin was a scholar’s instrument. I like to imagine that the experience of chilling out and jamming on your guqin was not all that different from chilling out and jamming on your monomachine.


I like this clever allusion to the problems associated with the term “world music”.


This is all awesome.

I work in garages during the day so unless I’m the DJ, all I hear during the work day is someone blasting modern hiphop, or country. Some different flavors are much appreciated.

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Semi-related, been browsing Radio Garden a lot recently. They have a mobile app too. Lots of moody Islamic vocal stuff on the radio in Indonesia.


Oh that’s awesome. A radio tuner for the planet.

Yeah, :joy: that’s part of the world! Kinda heard a good bit thanks to this forum, but I’ll take it!

That Ethiopian jazz was pretty neat too though.

That’s nice. Sounds very classical and pretty.

those Ethiopian funk/jazz compilations are full of bangers. There was some great, great music there in the late 60s/early 70s; a real sweet spot between familiar elements from Jazz and pop but a strong local flavour too. Beautiful performances, very influential music for me.


Pretty smooth. Sounds like some Grateful Dead in a way. Thanks.

I’d love to hear one of these players try a steel guitar.

I agree, and think it’s maybe the same with all instruments when you get that zen going on. Lovely stuff.

@Fin25 I had to set aside some time to soak in your additions.
Also, I’m glad you’re a dog again. Didn’t recognize you until I noticed your tone in your posts! :laughing:

Dude, done to death? This was my first time hearing something like this! I really enjoyed the rhythm and vocals here. Maybe getting into more different African music is what I’m after.

And I never heard Gamelan until yesterday. Holy moly what an interesting style. I’ll be coming back to this again.

Throat singing trips me out. Good stuff.

Feels like I walked into something I shouldn’t have. But hey, thank you! Never heard anything like that before!

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Is there a better term? It feels nicely inclusive.

You’ll love this then…

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