Would anybody be interested in a DnB battle?

I seen there’s a couple ‘Nauts into DnB, and wondered if anyone would be down?

I was thinking of after the submission date for the Tarintino hip hop battle.


Jungle or liquid?

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Any genre.

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I have very little time for music at the moment but I did used to love DnB so would try to enter when I could.

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Yes, I’m in!

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Yeah I’d be up for that

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Alright cool!

If you have any ideas of a theme, I’d love to hear what you think.

I was thinking of throwing the challenge up around the 4th of Dec.



I don’t make DnB, but I’d give it a try. Were you thinking of guidelines that would keep everyone on the same page, or just a free for all

I think more of a free for all for the first one.

Maybe just a length limit and a common theme.

I was think maybe flipping a song from something animated.

I have a second gmail account to post the entries.

Totally open to suggestions though.

I’m kinda interested to keep it any sub genre you choose so I can hear what kind of DnB everyone loves.

And you can use loops if you want or program in something. Go all halftime.

Maybe have to have at least one break in it. Doesn’t have to be an Amen.

Yeah i might be up for this.

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Alright. I post on the 5th of Dec to make official!

This will be fun.

And let me know for suggestions of a theme. Like I said I’m leaning towards music from something animated.

@1-2 and @Yabba… is it okay if I use the same format as the hip hop battle?

I figure, might as well get more mission briefs out there for fun.

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I’m into it


I have no say in the hiphop battles really, just following precedence.

Of course you can do whatever you want. Put your own spin on it.

One reason I think the Hh battles work is there is a structure and idea behind what everyone is making. Works particularly well because everyone has the same sample material and layout for making their tracks. If you can apply this to drum and bass that would be great.

You want people to submit things made specifically for it, not just any track. Since samples work with dnb too, maybe you could choose the break for everyone or make up a sample pack to base the track around or something. The animation thing sounds cool.

Whatever you come up with, sounds like it will be fun. I’ll keep an eye out for it


These are good points. I can defiantly supply some samples to add structure.

I would suggest that you have some kind of theme as constraints breed creativity.

I have no idea how to do DnB, but I’d have a go.

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Yup. I’m thinking flipping something from some kinda animation.

And I can provide samples that one has to be used.

cool! im into it

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Are there any conditions regarding the gear used?