Would love to see them develop

Wish Elektron would issue a hardware sequencer with. 16 midi tracks that had all the features of the OT sequencer but with a base pattern length of up to 16 bars per track in a compact unit that cost less than a Cirklon.
It’s hard to find great, new and innovative sequencers these days for hardware sequencing that don’ t cost an arm and a leg.
The midi sequencer was the favourite part of the OT for me when I owned one.
Any thoughts ?

Chain patterns on the OT?

MIDIbox SEQ v4?

Numerology? Ableton Live?

Back to the RS7000/QY700?

Elektron’s thing seems to be integrated sequencer and sound generator. I doubt that they would make a standalone sequencer.

I think it would be cool if it was kind of amix of the some of the above ideas-

External Sequencer, Hub/Router/mixer with effect tracks. So Sequence external gear, run the sound through the Hub and have effects on the audio and make the effecte sequencable (P-Locks, etc).

Would love to see a dedicated sequencer from Elektron. Their basic sequencer design is pretty good, but there is so much it could be if it were the focus of a product. Simple things different pattern playback modes (forward, reverse, ping-pong, random), probabilities, instrument definitions (ala Cirklon), and performability would be a big step forward. An expanded song mode - perhaps acting as a master controller for other Elektron boxes - would be welcome too. I often find myself sequencing Elektron gear from a computer, and wonder why I bother buying hardware with their own sequencers, when simpler things like a Minitaur integrate so beautifully via MIDI/CV.

Disclaimer: I know some people are fully satisfied by the Elektron sequencer. Good for you.

^^^ this. I was about to post exactly the same thing.

For a live instrument, the sequencer is very non-interactive. Whenever I map some midi control to Reaktor Go Box or more recently mucking around with Egoist on the ipad, it’s so enlivening to be able to jump into those direction and random modes. Give me midi control of the step length and the loop brace position too (like Live I guess) and woah …I think the Elektron’s would all benefit from those additions to the sequencer functionality. And a central “brain” to have at each one in turn , mix the audio and run an FX sequencer channel would be phenomenal…we can but dream.

Get a Cirklon already! Loooove.

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Elektron can’t be finished working on new products…

Lot’s of opportunity for a nice mixer with proper plockable digital effects with individual faders per channel and DAW transport control and sync capabilities to make the multitrack recording process more smooth with the Elektron machines

That would be great :+1:

I want an 8 st ch elektron summing mixer with 4 com/lim’s & 4 para eq’s to patch.

To expand on my first post - something like this.

16 midi tracks
16 bars max length per track
Individual step length per track
Play modes - ping pong, fwd, bkwd, fwd/bkwd, random, rotate
Same timing clock divisions + micro timing of the OT.
MIDI harmonize
MIDI delay ( with note repeat, +- pitch, feedback, number of repeats with ascending and descending velocity options )
MIDI mirrored, cannon, dual cannon counterpoint
Intuitive step based chord entry function
Clock divisor / ratcheting per step
Universal or selectable multitrack transpose & conform to key functions
4 midi outputs
Built in control templates for the OT, MD, MnM in particular.
Full paremeter locking of any CC and/or NRPRN
Knob laden controller interface
On the fly midi remixing functions
Note resolution of up to 128 ppqn
MIDI filtering
Saving to a micro SD card or similar

Lots of good ideas here.

If there was one thing I’d like to see with a dedicated Elektron sequencing device, it would be the ability to sequence over more than 64 steps. I’m well versed with pattern chaining and song/arranger mode, but for workflow I find myself often making sacrifices when trying to program pads or leads. I’ll probably end up picking up an MPC 1000 as a workaround, but a modern device with Elektron’s approach that made this possible would be a no-brainer. There’s this Cure/BoC hybrid sound in my head than I feel I’m always just short of realizing with the current sequencer limitations.

That’s almost exactly a Cirklon!

Yes, we’ll sort it’s also bit of the QY700/RS7000 thrown in.
That said I would want something in the $900 to 1k price range max on something like this.
The Cirklon is way to boutique / expensive and sure a Genoq’s Octopus would fit the bill but is way to expensive also.

This. I’ll grab an MX-2, with enough physical inputs.

Got excited for a moment… then realised the lack of inputs. One of those with 16 inputs? Like a fat kid on a smartie.

Few new sequencers out.




I am working on a open source arduino based step sequencer if you are interested…

May not be as perfect as the circklon or elektron OT seq but it is pretty cheap and fun :smiley:

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All I want from Elektron is a dedicated sequencer box. 16 sequencer tracks, polyrhythm, microtiming, different track lengths, CC stuff, perhaps 1 or 2 CV/Gate outputs. All in the Elektron format. I have the MnM, but I’m not huge on the synthesis, and the sequencing is hobbled by the lack of all that was mentioned above. The A4 would be great, but it has no MIDI out sequencing. The Octatrack looks nice, but I’d rarely ever use the sampling features. Just make a dope ass sequencer in the Elektron workflow and layout and you’ll get my money.

The sequencer game is pretty crowded at the mo tho, there’s pretty much every option covered already with either the handicap of not enough tracks or convoluted workflow or just overkill with too much goin on… I do love the electron sequencer, I particular A4s with its built in keys and in theory it seems to me (that doesn’t know anything about programming) they could combine elements from each box in one great sequencing power hub fairly easily?! … but I guess, how they see it is, there are lots people (only the minority of users post on forums) that use electron boxes specificaly for the sequencer, octal and A4 for e.g. Have been in my setup as pure sequencers over time and had me hang on to them when I had moved onto other boxes for sounds … and I think that puts elektron off because the sequencer is arguably what makes the instruments unique…

Who knows, tho tbh I do feel spoiled by sequencing options, jus gotta try em all tho. I’m settled on carbon right now, my other fave is beatstep pro because it’s no fuss and forces you to just make tracks without thinking about features :slight_smile: carbon is equally inspiring, I think it will become a more refined beast over time and it’s open source if they ever stop support. The track count doesn’t bother me as I have a reasonably small setup.

EDIT - I think it’s great there’s so much new hardware these days, it’s great even boutique companies can flourish and turn enough profit to carry on… I do hope next year it calms down a little tho… constant new gear is the most distracting thing for me in this game and it really is relentless and is also highly addictive, it’s Impossible to be satisfied when it constantly changes, salesmen discussed as users on your level telling you to doubt what you have, even tho it’s already more than enough… you gotta have real strength to ignore it. I’m getting there tho (I think) :sunny:

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I have to say I don’t see Elektron doing a sequencer only box or a mixer machine. The Heat was an interesting direction. I don’t know. Something that multiple Mic preamp modelling and vocal effects would be cool.
Edit: The MPC will always be my favorite sequencer that little else can improve on. I’ve always wanted to build a Midibox sequencer but haven’t had the need since the OT.

No not really, I do have my favorites in mind. I would rather like to see a constant product development of already existing gear in terms of os.

and for sure not another modular piece of adsr, vca, and so on… the peak has been reached in the middle of this year, maybe earlier IMHO