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I’m a guitarist who has purchased the new Digitakt. I’ve played with this amazing machine for a few hours now, but I can’t seem to understand how I can be able to save a custom pattern as a file to retrieve later. When I enter the pattern menu and save, an “N/A write protected” screen appears. Also, if I hold the function key and the save pattern key an error message appears. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong.

You’re not doing anything wrong - this is because you are in the default factory demo project, which is write protected! It tripped me up as well… :slight_smile:

press the settings button (cogwheel icon), PROJECT > SAVE PROJECT AS. Choose an empty slot. Press yes, enter name, done.

It’s best not to work in that write-protected default project, as it will be restored to default whenever you do a factory reset.

You can also set your own projects to write-protected if you want… look up ‘manage projects’ in the manual…


Thanks. I’m now ready to make some music!


empty reset deletes everything except for the stock samples if im not mistaken.

at least, i did an empty reset and still got the factory samples

Not sure which bank are write protected but im currently working on A01 and its perfectly writable.

Same goes for all the rest.

Those that answer your question somehow?

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But will I get the demo-patterns and sounds back when I factory reset the machine?

Think this was the case with the othe Elektron machines?

I experienced also the same issue with my new unit (OS 1.08), and wasn’t able to save my patterns on Project 1 (actually I don’t know how I managed to save pattern 1, but then with pattern 2 I’ve got the “NA: write protected” message).
To solve this I had to remove the lock from Project 1, and then re-save it. After doing this, now I’m able to save my patterns.

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I recently got my Digitakt but I cannot save anything.
Each time I want to save something, I get an “ERROR” message (apparently, memory is protected).
Could you tell me exactly how I can enable writing to memory as the quick user guide does not explain. A shame it’s not explained there as it’s a basic stuff and without a saving capability, the Digitakt is useless.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Hello Gila ! How do you remove the locks ?


Digitakt manual, page 53:

Manage Projects launches the PROJECT MANAGER menu. Selecting a project in this menu and pressing
the [RIGHT] arrow key will bring up a list of commands.
TOGGLE Toggles write protection on or off. Write protected projects cannot be overwritten, renamed
or erased. A lock symbols in front of the project name shows that the project is write protected.

By default the only protected project is the presets project, it’s as simple as working with a new one.

Thanks !
I think I have to dig into the full manual !
Have a nice day

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Why reading manuals is always so underrated?
I’ve spent at least the first 2-3 days with the digitakt reading the manual and taking notes.

Because asking questions here is faster. Especially if you don’t know what Elektron calls their stuff, the manual is like reading a foreign language.

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I guess some people can’t read?

Its also nearly as easy to give an answer as it is to make a post mentioning how easy it is to read the manual, so why not. Most people have read the manual and absorbed the info to some extent but since it cant talk it will never top asking a specific question of people who may well have the perfect answer.