Writing an album in 24 hours

I was watching and enjoying the recent Adam Neely video about him and some muso chums wrote and recorded an album in 24 hours via zoom for charity…


It’s fun and I’d definitely recommend watching it. It also reminded me that I tried to do something similar way back in 2004 or 05… it was pretty ropey and done entirely with Buzz. But it got me to thinking, wouldn’t it be fun to try doing that again and see if my experiences since then have helped. It’s a bank holiday tomorrow, so here we go… Cheating slightly in that I’ve got a few patterns in a vaguely lofi hiphop style withing my Model Cycles and M8 Tracker that I’ll use as a starter but let’s see how it goes.

Will check back to report in 24 hours… in the meantime, has anyone else done something similar?


Nope but I’d love to!

Recently, I haven’t touched my music gear but when I do I complete things quickly. The speed is there for good now :sweat_smile:.
A friend came round a while back and we knocked out a tune in about half an hour. Flipping 4 track cassette to 2 tracks… and so on.

This sounds like a challenge. What’s exciting about it is the fact that I have dreams of ambient music and beatless pieces that I’ve noodled around with. And I also love my 4 to the floor kicks.

I’m definitely down for giving this a go. I’ll pop back with how I got on. Got a lot on my plate at the moment so I’m not sure when it will be exactly.

Looking forward to hearing your results.

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