Www.noiiz.com - huge sample library now available

This new sample download site looks really interesting.


All of the Samplephonics libraries plus others available for immediate download via subscription.

Opens as a plugin within your DAW and samples can be auditioned and dropped straight into your DAW from the plugin.

Looks like good value to me.

FREE to sign up and start auditioning sounds in your browser.


Signed up so I could audition some sounds. Looks pretty good resource in a squeeze/find some inspiration etc. Thanks for heads up.

Yeah it’s great how once you sign up free you can start auditioning the sounds in the browser. Friggin huge library

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I buy the occasional library from Samplephonics but for me its really not worth the locked in $89 per year each year. I’ve already got more than what I need for the most part and having too many samples too chose from leads to slowing my output down. Over time I throw away sounds and folders that don’t suit “my sound” rather than trying to constantly add to my library.

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99 bucks for an unlimited amount of downloads a year is the permanent price. Bye sounds.com

The unlimited yearly plan was 199 before.

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If somebody’s joining noiize use this link we both get 20$ :wink:


I have the unlimited yearly subscription
It’s great. A lot of great content.
All the samplephonics catalogues plus new content virtually added daily

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I signed up. Enjoy your $20 credit! Thanks for the link.