X0xb0x Power conversion - low volume

I picked up an x0xb0x off the used forums (great transaction from okirob btw) and I am using a power converter from USA spec to Korea spec of 230v60h. The volume is quite low even when cranked to the max. I fully trust that it was working before I got it. Could it possibly not be getting enough power? Perhaps I can use a different power supply?

I searched the net and it seems that power might explain the low volume.

Any help would be appreciated.


I would think that a wrong power supply would cause other problems than low volume. What is your psu’s output? The x0xb0x wants 9V AC. (Not DC like most devices)

Try asking in the x0xb0x Facebook group or on the irc, #x0xb0x at freenode.

I’m pretty sure I fried it using my power converter this morning. The low volume was only out of the headphone. Main out is fine. I’m obviously not an electronics guru. Midi… no problem. Going to be tough to get that thing repaired where I am at. I certainly feel stupid today.

I’ll have to take a look at that site.