X0xbox and octatrack

Is it me or does the X0xbox sound/feel different when sequenced by the OT compared to the X0xbox own onboard sequencer?

When sequenced by the OT the behaviour of the X0xbox knobs seems different, not as much range on the env amount, accents feel different, and the over all sound is well, a bit less lively and bouncey.

Anyone else got thoughts on this?

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What x0x firmware are you running?

I rarely sequenced mine externally but there is no reason why env amount and accent should sound different, I assume that you are sequencing it in accordance with the 303/x0x sequencer - ie gate length of roughly 50% duration of step length on untied notes? That can definitely make quite a difference to the feel of a pattern. Accents above velocity threshold (dependent on firmware IIRC) and using arp legato control in OT for slides?


…is’nt the xox some 303 clone that stated/bragged officially to include all the flaws of the original…?

and an essential part of the original was the anything else but perfect on board sequencer…
that was always part of it’s charme…
so, i can imagine easily, it behaves differently once sequenced externally…
besides the fact that the brand behind xox is a tiny one and they don’t offer much else than this one surely imperfect clone product…

I do agree than the Xoxbox sound very different when sequenced externaly in general (didn’t tried with the OT yet tho so can’t tell if it’s really different).

I do most of the time use the onboard sequencer as I love it (running the original firmware here) but I for more “unstable funky” effect I like to sequence it from the Tracker / Live or other midi devices.

I made a video about the Xox with the Tracker a while back, od you recognize some of the weirdness your talking about maybe ?

@darenager yeah tried doing the 50% thing. Doesn’t make that much difference. It’s not a big deal like, but yeah, I reckon the onboard sequencer ‘sounds’ better if that makes sense? Couldn’t tell you what firmware it is, it has some tricks like hold down the slide/tie/accent button while pattern is playing to add a slide/tie/accent in real time. And it says perv instead of prev on the front panel.

@Stazma yup, that’s it, it’s almost as if you can hear the midi if you know what I mean.

It’s fine, it’s still reads as acid, but I think I’m going to lean more toward the onboard sequencer. Sure I’m way faster on the OT, and you can do all sorts of bonkers stuff, but sound wins every time. Bit laborious, suppose I will just have to get good.

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Yeah sequence it from internal always sounds better, plus send it into a track recorder and mangle the fuck out of it to get more mileage :+1:

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For me it’s better to sequence internaly when you want a classic acid bassline feeling.

On the other end if you want some Squarepushery madness with some distortion added on top, midi sequencing is grat because you can really have fun with the gate lenght of you notes to get those sort of almost slap bass ghost note.

It do feel it’s actualy two different instrument depending on how you choose to sequence it.

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Some also allow notes over midi with internal sequence - good way to throw in for example some conditional slides, accents etc.

3rd option - program 4 patterns into x0x, chain them, sample whilst tweaking into OT, chop that shit up, assign slices trig mode, record infinite new acid lines into OT flex using the slices. Then have another pattern(s) synced to OT from x0x, endless fun.

OT+303=Acid heaven.


The thing is, 303 style synths with MIDI usually handle ties and slides with overlapping notes - if you let a note sustain a little bit into the next note, the synth will interpret that as either a tie (if they’re both the same note) or a slide (if they’re different). So basically the same as legato mode in many other synths, hopefully fine tuned to be as close as possible to the original 303 sequencer behavior. I’ve been using n0nx0x2 since 2014 or 15 so I could be misremembering, but I’m pretty sure the original firmware works the same way.

Since the Octatrack’s MIDI sequencer tracks aren’t truly polyphonic, it isn’t very good for that approach, because you can’t have overlapping notes on a single track. I don’t know if there’s a workaround.

Maybe try an alternative OS? I liked MarOS a lot before I upgraded the CPU and switched to n0nx0x, but I can’t remember if it has any options for adjusting the way it responds to MIDI. At any rate, they’re all free so the only thing you have to lose is a bit of time.

This is the way.

Funny I was just cooking something similar in my brain.

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AFAIR the only way is to p-lock legato in arp, you don’t have to have the arp on though, the legato still takes place if locked.


Interesting, I forgot all about that option and it’s plockable, so if it really works with the arp off it would be exactly what the OP is after. That would be really handy, hopefully I’ll remember to try it next time I have a chance!

Nope. Already using legato on, arp off. Sounds different.

So after some experimentation I have found that a default step length of ‘10’ (what ever that relates to) allows the decay knob and env mod knob to behave more like using the X0xbox onboard sequencer.

Legato on allows slides as expected. Plock shorter notes/longer notes, accents as normal.

I noticed if using a step length of 1/16 or shorter, you can hear the envelope stop dead, as if the X0xbox is saying, ‘yeah ok, note off command’

Weird, but it works. Quite happy to have found a way to get it to sound right to my ears. Maybe Im just being a fussy bastard.

Sequenced from OT.
I start with 1/16 note length. Then change to 10, then repeat. Sticks out like dogs balls to me.


Nope, acid lines matters.




Strange. I’d try a different firmware, or embrace it.

Even though I prefer n0nx0x by a lot, one thing I really liked about MarOS was that you could vary the gate length. It didn’t sound anything like a normal 303 if you did that, but it was kind of better. Short gate times and fast sequences get you into almost Stevie Wonder clavinet sounding territory.

The stock firmware was honestly pretty underwhelming.

EDIT: hadn’t seen the followup post yet, glad you found something that worked.