XDIR Default?


I still have a little worries I think it still come from me who do not understand everything!

I have on pattern 1 assigned a part 1 with THRU when I go to pattern 2 I go to part 2 with two FLEX which recorded the input AB and CD.

The samples play inputs so play on the FLEX.

To return to the AB CD entries. I put a scene that lowers the volume of the FLEX Tracks and up the volume of the AB CD entries.

Except that the XDIR parameter does not turn up the sound when I move the fader …

little video if I can upload it

Thanks in advance for your time !

PS: I’m very happy with my Octatrack but when something does not work it’s a real puzzle to find all that

First advice : don’t film vertically.
Second : turn off TV ! :ecstatic:
I check that…

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This my Wife XD

Turn it off too when you try something on Ot ! :smile:
XDIR is relative to DIR.
If DIR = 0, XDIR MAX =0

Set DIR to desired value, and use XDIR MIN and MAX. :wink:

Your wife is filming too ? ^^


No just TV, im bad cameraman !

Thank you so much ! It was the right answer :slight_smile:


do you think of becoming forum admin thanks to your knowledge?

I need to administer myself first, and make more music. :wink: