Xmas feelings hitting german reality


Don’t show this to your kids…

IMO it’s overrated, people use it as an excuse nowadays, or use their kids as an excuse. It’s for the kids etc. If I’ll have kids I’ll give them the truth early on. It’s a lie and bullshit propagated by Coca Cola.

By Coca Cola? Ok. That’s not true. Sometimes Wikipedia can be a help:

Santa Claus , also known as Father Christmas , Saint Nicholas , Saint Nick , Kris Kringle , or simply Santa , is a legendary[1] character originating in Eastern Christian culture who is said to bring children gifts on Christmas Eve of toys and candy or coal or nothing, depending on whether they are “naughty or nice”.[2][3] He is said to accomplish this with the aid of Christmas elves, who make the toys in his workshop at the North Pole, and flying reindeer who pull his sleighthrough the air.[4][5]

Xmas feelings hitting realities all over the world my fríend.
Baffled to see people around me with that “Xmas (consume) feeling” while dictatures are being installed everywhere.


I hear you and fully agree with you. The photo basically illustrates very well the agenda that is going on. Take away every little fun and pressure the „new normal“ upon people. If you look through MSM here in Germany there is only one topic. 24/7. 2 years long now. Like an endlessly firing machinegun into our brains, our consciousness.
And people have been lullabied with consum and materialism, therefore almost no protection against this.

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Maybe some context for the photo… when was it taken? Where? By whom? What are the circumstances that led to his arrest?


I wonder what that Santa did though? Or is he acting in some way?
Such a position in front of a police officer indicates something more dramatic than… I dunno, a parking ticket.

edit: @DEEPMOSES was faster than me

How about you keep your conspiracy talk out of here? „dictatorships being installed everywhere“ , „the agenda that is going on“…

Go back to telegram and stay there.


They forbid Telegram, no they got nowhere to go.

(actually this is happening right now in Germany… yes, not Cina…)

What are you talking about? There is a discussion going on about telegram at the moment but nothing has been blocked so far.

There is no dictatorship installed. You guys guys have partied too hard when you were young. Come back into reallity.


And please get vaccinated. There is no conspiracy and no bill gates is not behind it.

And just to make it clear. We still love you all and we still invite you all to come play but if some of you guys choose to leave society, its ultimatly your choice that you are no longer allowed to go to places.

So fed up with this whole discussion. People dying in hospitals and still all those dickheads talking about diktatorship and the evil vaccine everywhere. Lets give them greenland install a society they whish for, don‘t bring any vaccine but also no vaccines for polio or measals. Lets see how far it will go without the evil vaccine.

Get vaxxed and there is no dictatorship. Stop arguing here!


And here I just thought we were having a laugh at drunk Santa.


which non-dictature would have a discussion about forbidding a messenger?

You seem to be quite statikk


By the way: I’m in no Telegram groups, but I avoid media (also before the Covid-spam in the news), fully vaccinated - but some things like this make me angry … our politicians should leave the internet alone!

What a trainwreck of a topic!

What’s the context for the picture? Cause for all we know he could be arrested because he drank a little too much weihnachtsbier and got a little too handsy with the elves. Don’t know where this conspiracy talk comes from.


Telegram, in the end :grinning:

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Too many flags, and I can’t see how this conversation can bring any good.