WHAT a sound ! :wink:



New OS beta?

This is a cruel tease. :smiley:

The dark trinity was completed today !

No idea what’s in F that isn’t in E or D or why there are three in circulation

Just astonished at the presence of this, and a little bit fearful that it’s gonna make me unpopular in the neighbourhood !

No teasing. I don’t recall the pads being this tricky to press in store, so maybe they’re bedding in or the vel curves have been adjusted, let’s just say there’s not much happening with touch, it needs a good tap, day one acclimatisation. Impressed with the weight :+1:


I’m guessing these maybe small revisions leading up to a public release of 1.03.
I wonder if there has been a small hardware change and these are needed to accommodate it. How are those pads?

Dam more questions than answers.

Congrats on the Trinity. :slight_smile:

Only had a minute or two to test it worked, i was mostly thinking some pads weren’t, but that’s because the technique demands a different approach, i guess, it’s near freezing here, so the pads may not be as willing to do my thing, but i’m not too fussed as long as they trigger and chuck out reliable aftertouch in perf mode. They were firm, plus my table top was a bit wobbly and i didn’t really attack them. Curious to know what’s in F too although it’s the only OS i’ve known

“The pad Technique”

More of a 1 inch punch than a finger tap.
No changes there.

Be like water my friend

Pads:not panicked about the pads sensitivity for trigging, but when I try to un/mute more than a few vertically it’s mostly incomplete (I do know about the function hold, works fine) is there a limit to simultaneous finger count the normal way ? Amazing machine though

What is this thread even? Lol…

The thing is that new AR are shipped with updates : E, now F.
None of these updates are visible on the Elektron site.
I bought my AR a few weeks ago with 1.02E, but because of the very HD and longtime view on the screen, i thought it was 1.02B. B&E can be confusing regarding the conditions, and maybe some bad-ass-eyes. So, i saw the 1.02D on the site, latest one, and i downgraded by uploading 1.02D.
I asked Elektron, and Olle answered me : “The E version only affects the manufacturing process and makes no differences for the enduser so there is no need to worry.”
Two questions.
1° - I wonder why Elektron label new updates “E” some update which does not concern customers - because this update is not supposed to make any change for users - but only for Elektron team, concerning “manufacturing process”. Big source of confusion, no ?
2° - I’m astonished to meet a new “F” update now, that still not appearing on Elektron site.
The final question is : What is “E”, and what is “F” ?

Are these new updates shipped with latest machines, finally only software updates ? And concerning what, exactly, if so ?
I’m sorry, but some explanations are needed. :rage: Maybe i did not understand anything, so… create some thread for this. :joy:

Heh so you finally caved in and got one? Happy twiddling! :+1:

… ? #valuablecontribution #threadpolice

Anyone ?

I just managed to mute/unmute 8 pads at the same time. However I found it tricky to even do three consistently. I don’t think there is a limitation on the finger count it’s just an unusual amount of finger pressure that needs to be applied. Mine does slowly seem to be improving over time.
Being so new, your Rytm pads are probably at their worst at the moment for this issue.

You can just hold function and press which pads you want to mute/unmute and then release the function key and they’ll activate/deactivate. Much smoother than trying to use multiple fingers to mute the pads individually.

I did say i knew about that hold method, it works fine, it’s not as intuitive as just pressing the mute buttons right there in front of you, on subsequent attempts it is clear that the ‘limitation’ is not restricted to multiple selections in any directions, sometimes i can press a row of four and only one will change ! Yet doing it individually or by swiping i get 100% consistency, it’s no major issue, just interrupts the flow a bit

Hmm that’s weird. If you use the function feature by holding function and pressing which pads you want to mute/unmute, the pads will turn blue and as soon as you release function, the pads mute/unmute all at once simultaneously. So it should be real smooth, not like individually pressing the pads without holding function.

congrats avantronica unfortunately the pads are not the best. that being said I thoroughly enjoy the rytm, what a great machine.