Y u no legato and portamento on sequencer?

Yeah, I know it’s stated on page 24 of the manual that both legato mode as well as portamento only apply to incoming MIDI notes or what’s being played on the keyboard.

But why? Why can’t I just turn on portamento and have it applied to the notes I recorded in the sequencer? Why do have I got to go in and apply slides to every note recorded instead of being able to just turn this on and have it applies globally?

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Because Elektron.

Seriously this has come up quite some times now and the implementation is tedious. I really hope Elektron will do something about this rather sooner than later…

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As far as synthesis and as primarily a keyboard player, I find this completely backwards to way a person needs to work. It’s more than killjoy to my creativity to have to manually apply this and even then, it’s quite fiddly. Then there’s the cv track…aaaghh!

Legato record please!

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Absolutely. Right now, this is still my main annoyance with the AK.

It would really be nice if the sequencer could get some attention in a future update. I really, really like the AK as a keyboard instrument, but I wish we were able to use the internal sequencer to do the same things we now have to sequence it externally for.

At the very least, it is a bit bizarre and counter-inuitive that playing the keyboard on the AK gives you such different results than programming or recording the same thing with the same patch into its sequencer.

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Hi, nearly pulled the trigger on an Analog Four MKII and thought I’d just check and see if it has legato mode (after being burned by the Medusa)… and… reading the manual it says it does, but only when playing the keyboard?!

The manual was written in 2017 so has that been fixed in an update now? :thinking:

I was doing this today… you can use slide trigs to replicate legato playing…
Hopefully it gets an update like the digitone for improved behaviour


Ah! Cool. And it behaves (sonically) like legato?

Yep you just have to add the slide trigs and have the note overlap…
I do think it might get updated to be better since the digitone got it last update…
So hopefully it will get added for live recording as well

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Yep, make the note long enough to reach the note you want to slide into, place a slide trig on the note you want to slide into.
The note slide time (osc2 page 2/2) determines slide time.

It’s just two different settings, legato for incoming midi does not even have to be turned on for note slide trigs to work.

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Great. Thank you both. :+1:

Same as a lot of other people I was a bit confused getting portamento working at first. It works fine now when playing live on the buttons or via MIDI but not when I realtime record it.

The track’s set to monophonic, legato mode on and portamento set to legato (but also tried setting it to ON with the same results). Sounds great when I’m playing it live but the recorded version doesn’t have any portamento on it.

EDIT: Ah ok, not possible. Back to sequencing this type of stuff on the Octatrack.