Yamaha dx11

I found yamaha dx11 for 100 euros. Any users who can tell me if price is alright and how does it sound? Can i get atmospheric sounds from it or is it more “funky” character synth? Poly 61 is another one i’m trying to buy, and i know it’s very different from dx11 coz i know how it sounds but would i be anywhere close to that with dx11?

I own a dx11. I’m not sure the going rates, 100 euros is probably ok. It can get a variety of sounds. If you want to get an idea of the sounds it can produce, look for videos of the TX81Z. The two are nearly identical parameter-wise (DX11 has an additional pitch envelope that the TX doesn’t have).


That’s a good price assuming it’s in good shape.

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Alright, but is there anything special about dx11? Does it has it’s own “character”?

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Yes. Arguably the nicest vintage Yamaha FM synth.

It’s 4-operator FM engine is much easier to get to grips with than what’s in the DX7 because you’re only dealing with a limited number of possible algorithms, you get some more waveforms to play with, and because the envelopes make more sense. The DX11 also has a better layout and proper physical buttons, which makes programming it rather interesting, if still more time consuming than dialing in a fat bass sound on a subtractive synth.


it has more waveforms than just sine. you can make great sounds w/it. 100 is a good price. i have one and that’s pretty much what i paid. they go for more on auction sites like ebay/reverb.

similar to the tx81z 4 operator FM.

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