Yamaha MODX, DT, DN

Can anyone give me some advice on the best way to connect DT, DN, and Yamaha MODX… I have the two Elektron pieces connected perfectly, I can mute and unmute digitone midi from the digitakt midi but I am wondering if there is a way to fill up those other four midi tracks with the Yamaha MODX and have the same functionality. Also need some help with the audio routing.

For audio routing I would consider a mixer.

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It seems to me as though you have the DT sequencing the DN, and you also want the DT to sequence the MODX. You presumably have the DT MIDI Out connected to the DN MIDI In. Is that correct?

If so, you could connect the DN MIDI Thru to the MODX MIDI In.

If not, you need to specify more precisely what you want to do.

Hey. I can share my experience regarding something similar. I’m not sure if it is the only way to do things, but it was the only way I could get everything to function. And I’m assuming a DAWless setup.

My setup goes MoDX to A4 MkII to RYTM MkII. I wanted the MoDX to be able to control the individual tracks of the A4 so it had to go first in the chain.
Because the Electrons use most of the MIDI channels for their own purposes, you have to set the first 4 channels of the MoDX to be vacant; one for each track of the A4 or however many your DTone has.
Also the MoDX can’t be the master clock. If you set it as master the transports of the Electrons don’t sync for some reason. Don’t know why. So this means the A4 has to be the master, and now A4 and RYTM are able to sync, but the MoDX clock can’t. Just set its clock to internal.

The Electrons can transmit and receive clock and transport controls via their MIDI ins & outs. The MoDX can only send/receive “clock” via its physical 5pin in/out. No transport. MoDX transport msgs require Ports 2 & 3. These are accessible only via USB.
So, while the Electron stuff functions flawlessly together, with or without a com, the MoDX utilizes 2 hidden USB ports for transport controls, that can’t be accessed without a computer and the Yamaha USB driver.
So, the MoDX actually has 1,2 & 3 MIDI ins/outs. Port 1 is the actual port you see on the device, but ports 2 & 3 are only available via USB. This is unfortunate.
At the time of this post the MoDX OS is ver 2.5, and there is no way to change many of the MIDI options for clock and transport. Perhaps there could be a fix in a future update.

I’m using Logic Pro 10.5 and you can actually see all 3 ports appear when the MoDX is connected via USB. And if you setup the MoDX via the Logic controller menu, you do so with ports 2 & 3 and suddenly the onboard transport controls work fine.

So, unfortunately, while you can get a MIDI chain to work kinda, compromises have to be made when deciding where to place the MoDX in your chain.

So in answer to your question I think, unfortunately, There is no ideal way to do “exactly” what you want. You probably have to go Digitakt(master clock) to DigiTone and then to MoDX. Yes, this means you can’t use the keyboard of the ModX to send msgs to Digitone, unless you can go from the Midi out of the ModX to the In of the Digitakt. But I’m certain that is going to create a midi loop problem. If you have one, I would just add another controller keyboard between the Dtakt and the Dtone. That would solve the issue. You could play the Dtone, use the it’s external midi tracks and control the MoDX.
Try it. Keep your fingers crossed, but expectations low.

In regard to your audio routing, my audio is chained as above using the external ins on the devices. But there are issues with low levels and when direct monitoring if you’re using their USB outs. A little mixer might be the way to go.

I hope this sort of helps. If anyone has alternative fixes, please tell.