Yocto 808

Hi guys,

new member here! Wanted to ask, are there people here to build and sell Yocto 808?
What are the price ranges?

Sorry if the topic is maybe in the wrong section, admins can surely redirect me if needed.


For the moment to Yocto project v1 is out of stock and never seen people talking about build service here.

Btw I saw on Muffwiggler forum someone offering this service if it may help you but you will need to wait until a restock.


hey! yeah, im waiting for the restock! just saw some yocto finished project sales in the FS category here and decided to ask!
Thanks for the link, will deffo investigate there!

I’ve built the 9090 before and I’m currently building a nava. I can build one for you. Message me for details.

I bought one from someone on the yocto boards. German guy I think his company is Analogue Solutions. good build.

Hey guys

Thanks for the info. I cant seem to find how to pm here :frowning: can you drop me a message to get back to you?


do you possibly have his contacts left? thanks!

I’ve sent you a private message.

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Check your PM.

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Hello everybody! Im VERY interested in buying an enssembled Yocto 808 clone. I saw some people sold them arround here in the past. Can anyone help me conctacting someone who is able to build me one? Thank you very much!

Where are you based? US? EU?

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I just PM’d you.

Hey there everyone ! Just bumping this old Yocto thread for those still curious about this wonderfull machine. I made this video to showcase a few of new functions added by the recent unofficial firmware updates:


Whoa I didn’t know there is unofficial firmware. Mine has been under dust covers since last year

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Thay made some great additions to the already great machine in my opinion.

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Merci d’avoir fait ce tuto! :grinning:

The mutes, roll, and tap add a lot of performance features that were missing. I can’t wait to make Miami Bass snare rolls like the 2 Live Crew.

You make that No Coast sound so good. Now I am thinking about getting that or an SV-1 B. I have analog keys too so I want to use the CV into a modular.

I can’t wait to try this out during the weekend. Cheers.

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