Yoga and a Jamuary jam

I used pretty much all my gear for this one: 0Coast, Virus C, A4, DN, OT, and a bunch of pedals.


Awesome! Those floating triangles are the worst tho…:sweat_smile:

Is that a yoga reference? I may be married to a practitioner, but I don’t know jack!

lol yeah it’s a rough one.

Great vibes here, I wanna live in this soundscape!

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You can listen to it whenever you want! Just loop it and it will never end :slight_smile:


What you need to do is get* a wireless midi body suit, and use yoga to adjust parameters depending on your movement.

  • get probably means create/invent

Nice level of yoga :slight_smile:
I have started Iyengar yoga last September and I learnt new positions…

Thanks! She’s an instructor (plus teaches aerial, fitness, personal training, reiki, and massage) so if you live in the Philly area and need a teacher, hit me up! Haha.

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The MIDI Gypsy!

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Thanks! Enjoyed!

I tried an advanced yoga pose without any other before.
My flat mate still laughs at the drool from my mouth as I twisted my trunk.

I laugh too. Now.

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