You can load Overbridge into the Komplete Kontrol UI

I mentioned it in another thread but thought it might be worth pointing out that you can load Overbridge into the Komplete Kontrol instrument plug-in.

You can also make the macro knobs on the keyboard associated to seemingly any function as well.

I’m not sure how useful it is but it is something fun to screw around with. What’s especially freeing is having my S61 available to use rather than the tiny buttons on the A4. You can also map the macros in KK to Live’s instrument rack macro knobs…macros within macros…


Haha. Nice. I was going to ask you how useful you thought that was…but…yea…so fvcking meta : )

can you load it into Machine? That would surely make sense … :wink:

Last night I ran MIDI direct from the MIDI out of my S61 into the Analog Four MKII. This will be a fantastic way of using scales and recording notes/chords/arpeggios into the A4’s sequencer as trigs.

So if anybody was wondering the S61 works brilliantly with the hardware-only setup as well (since Overbridge is still not available for the MKII yet).