Your Commitment to Releasing Something in 2023

This, but for 2023


Disclaimer: I did this to extend @craig 's dream into the new year. I am under no legal/moral/financial obligation to releasing something in the new year by creating this thread :grinning:


Connected with a creative tutor, I haven’t stopped making tracks of varying lengths every other day or so but I’m committed to getting an EP finished and polished and a complete story for bandcamp.

I’m good with getting more symbolist/expressionist concepts for tracks and instrumentation going, need to focus more on strengthening movement and building excitement and emotion.

Are there any good inspirations out there like “The Addiction Formula” towards planning out tracks?

I need to more methodically plan with song elements, I am chaotic enough that things will organically develop if I can get a structure going :wink:

But with time related and executive dysfunction I’m very moment to moment so I can’t keep a whole song in my brain at any time… my best stuff tends to be recorded live (MIDI or to “tape”) on a base track and then rearranged from there. So “song” writing is a strugglebus.

I hope to have things more ready by April, hopefully with mixing and other stuff done so I can toss it to the mastering person and say done.


I look forward to hearing it!


Last year I made the commitment to do three releases, and I ended up releasing one.

This year I am committing to 27 releases.


There’s something to be said about quality over quantity.

Which reminds me, I need to take a trip into space :wink:


It’'s lovely this time of year.


I’m really going to try finishing some stuff this year, I really want to make something release worthy. going for slow and preferably dark techno because that’s what I really like so yeah… dark and ominous!


What is this?

Oh, I mean I’ve scheduled some tutoring in decision-making and project completion with a poster here who offers lessons from fair experience. Starts next year, so can’t give any review yet :slight_smile:

I’m pretty ADD when it comes to interests in getting things out into the world, hundreds of tracks I have varying appreciation for.

My problems are more workflow and trying to deal with having my work seen by the outside work, not with like… music theory! I would love learning more theory, but that shouldn’t stop me from releasing an EP. That hasn’t stopped so many people who would’ve remained silent because of lack of knowledge, right?

Someone to help practice narrowing down the rabbitholes to lessen stress over the least important parts of the process, make more intuitive.

I’m happy to pay someone with the experience to help with my own commitment to art!


Sounds awesome, hope it goes well.


Finally upgrading to live 11 suite

Maybe 2023 is the year lol


I have a four groove EP in the can – just need to put together some simple artwork. My wife thinks I should make a small run of CDs, so I’ll have to get that squared away. But the hard part is done, so early 2023 is the goal.


Seeing as how I failed this for 2022…

2023 will be the year I release at least one track.

I also shit the bed miserably for NGNY2022. Definitely taking part for 2023. :slight_smile:

Got an MC-101 in before it starts :slight_smile:


May 2023 be the year you only literally sh*t the bed instead of figuratively


I’d really like to release something this year. It’s been like 20 years, figure I’m due.

Does anyone have any good resources they can share for putting out your own release? At this point, I’m not even sure where to begin. Is it just a matter of opening up a bandcamp account?


bought a Digitakt & Cycles in 2021, found out i missed polyphony &/or arpegiator, finally bought Digitone like 2 weeks ago…

I don’t plan on releasing any music in 2023, altough i’d like to finish a 1 hour liveset on them boxes :slight_smile:

1 Like is a good free service- ran by a fellow elektronaut(I’ve made a good few bucks using that service, btw- and my music is as good as I am at Elden Ring)

For more details ask


Just FYI, if you want to receive payment for your releases on Bandcamp you have to have a Paypal Business account. I did not know that until today. :grimacing:

Edit: But I like their artist facing website interface and simplicity.


I’m going to work hard to release a drone video of Cannon Beach, OR featuring some ambient music I will create with my new Modwave.

I know this isn’t a big deal and nothing commercial but I’ve been buying and selling gear for 5 years now and never really spent much time with any of it. So going to finally work on learning and making some hopefully nice ambient stuff to go with my DJI vids.

Little victories!