Your Digitone setup

So, now the DN has started to ship, let’s see and hear about how you are using them in your setup. I’ve hooked mine up with my DT and my 0-coast:

0-Coast > Digitone > Digitakt


If you have connected your devices in this way, you cannot use the DTo in stereo. That’s why the DTo is the last device of my setup chain. Because I can’t sample the DTo in this configuration, I hope for Stereo Thru in an DT update.


Check out the Keith McMillen K-Mix. It’s very small and has enough ins and outs to be able to have all three things hooked up and route anywhere you need to.

Sorry, should have stated mine:

DT / DN / SH-01a / Tempest > KMIX
KMIX Aux 1 > DT
KMIX Aux 2 > DN

I’m going to work my LXR into the mix, probably have to pipe it through the SH-01a’s Mix Input as I refuse to get a different mixer, the KMIX is so flexible for its size!

I think I’ll use my Edirol M-10DX, a small battery powered mixer. But I would prefer to use the DT and DTo plus a Korg Monologue or Minilogue in a mixerless setup. I like it compact :sunglasses:

Good point and I think you’re right, 0-coast > DT > DN is probably a better idea. Bit frustrating that you can’t sample the DN into the DT with this setup though…

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Once they enable stereo pass through you absolutely WILL be able to

plug the DN headphone out into the DT i/p with Mon set to off and with use of mutes you can sample, resample, rereresample anything your heart desires while monitoring the whole shebang from the DN main outs


Octatrack as master. A4 in Octa AB, DN in Octa CD.
Cue from OT to Eventide space return in DN in.
Midi out from DN in Event processor then in OT for some Pchg madness.
Midi merger after OT midi out to add a kontrol s61 to play A4 and DN synthtracks. ( Keyboard has been split by octave so I can almost play the eight voices at the same time,each octave being lit with its own colour. I switch templates when I need full control/aftertouch on a specific voices )
A4 4 cv out going to a small modular and back if needed.


0-coast to Waldorf 2-pole filter and a Neunaber reverb. Then going into Digitakt going into Digitone.

The 0-coast is then sequenced from the Digitakt.

Had a Monologue as part of the setup for bass, but honestly the Digitone made it unnecessary.

I love it when a plan comes together! I drew a shitty diagram in Google Drawings while I was waiting for the DN to arrive so I’d know how I wanted to incorporate it.

The Plan:

The Reality:


I’m thinking of adding the AH and having the 3 small boxes as a compact, computer less setup with the AH acting on the DN output as a nice colour effect:

DT > DN > AH

Aesthetically this would be beautiful. Question - how would I be able to sample the AH driven drums from the digitakt back into the digitakt using these 3 boxes? Is that possible?


1210 Turntable > OT (A/B)
Digitone > OT (C/D)


OT > Digitone

Keeping it simple!

get an octatrack

In the moment for testing:

Midi-Keyboard -> Digitakt -> Analog Heat -> Digitone

  • Analog Heat to crash the Digitakt sound a little bit
  • Digitone is mixing itself sound with Digitakt sound

I have the Digitone receiving MIDI from my soundcard, going out to a MIDI > USB box which goes into a Eurorack system. Thru form Digitone goes into Digitakt and out of Digitakt goes into the same MIDI > USB box going into the Euro.

This means I track BPM and start / stop from my DAW which is just recording everything multitracked from a mixer. My modular is then sequenced by both the Digi machines.

It’s this but with a Digitone where the headphones are :slight_smile:


I’ve had 2 octatracks and could never really get my head around it… so why am I thinking about trying again??

Octatracks do that…
People want to like Octatracks but they don’t really so they sell them…
But they really want to like it so they buy it again…
But they really don’t like it so they sell it…
But they really want to like it so… :joy::joy:


I’ve been thinking of DN > OTO BOUM > DN > AH a lot lately. One DN playing melodic parts (while triggering the sidechain of the OTO BOUM processing it via midi) going into another DN playing percussive parts with everything being processed & recorded by an AH.

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If I could just port over the FX and the crossfader to the digitakt…

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