Your favorite OP-1 patches and packs

I just was gifted an op-1 and I love the community here. What are your favorite drum kits or patches for the op-1? Share them if you want as well!


Have you been here:

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Yeah and l downloaded some I just wanted to hear what y’all like using


Cuckoo has some excellent ones via his Patreon.

I really like some of the stock drums actually, Bronze and Tantalum are my favorites.

but i like to play around with putting the Elemnt LFO on things like FX parameters or ADSR parameters.

Set LFO source to Sigma (which is furthest to the right) which is the output of the drum patch and play around with what its affecting… play around with polarization of the lfo as well (positive or negative)

I need your friends.

Don’t be too quick to judge, my dad got it for me because I have a brain tumor and I will be spending a lot of time in the hospital and at home. Most my friends aren’t really around ever since Covid happened so I’m happy to call y’all my friends now.


no judgement my friend. and sorry to hear about your situation. best wishes with everything.