Your favourite Elektron double-act

You can have two Elektron devices racked (maybe in an EIT-1) - which would be your ultimate pair?

You can have any other gear along side them… what’s it to be?

Rytm and Monomachine? Analog rhythm with digital synthesis/FM etc and basic external MIDI sequences to control other gear?

Rytm and Analog Four? Analogue goodness and sequencing of CV gear with some nice effects.

Machinedrum UW and Monomachine? More MIDI sequencing power (and analogue drum trigs) plus digital effects all round, plus crunchy samples…

What’s your ideal combo?

Such a tough decision.

I use A4/Rytm/MnM and to think of only using two… each combination of just two is equally rewarding and exciting.

The performer in me says A4+Rytm, the futuristic techno nut in me says Rytm+MnM, but the composer and sound designer in me says MnM+A4.

Since you say I can have any other gear along side, I’d probably go with the latter option… MonoMachine and A4. Mostly because what I’d lose from the Rytm, I could begin to regain with A4 CV triggering a Nord Drum and MonoMachine’s midi sequencer as well.

I would miss the combination of scene and performance modes of the Rytm the most. I feel it makes it the most capable of doing everything in one box.

Needless to say, I’m glad I don’t have to choose just two. Three is the magic number for me.

No need to stick to one combo forever. I think it doesn’t even matter what combo you choose, they’re all about equally powerful, especially when using more gear alongside.

I was using the combos MD+MM, OT+MM, MD+OT, MD+A4, OT+A4, and now OT+AR. It doesn’t really make that much difference :slight_smile: If you choose A4+MM, just get a MBase, MBrane and/or NordDrum for additional drums, with OT+AR, an additional synth helps a lot, drum machine + melodic machine is best suited for stand alone mode (no additional gear).

I am using RYTM and OT. Modular on the side. :+1:

…i got my dreamteam together and use it on stage daily these days…

analog4 and octatrack…

the only pity is…now i need another ot soon…it’s the centerpiece of my setup…
and i need a backup solution soon…

beside the elektrons i perfom only with two line6 m5, a nord drum 1, a little mackie mixer and a voive live2 fed with a shure wireless setup…

that’s all hard wired and fixed in one toploader case with two pull outs under neath…
ot on top…

so i just let out three cabels… power and stereo sum and i’m ready to go…

if i would buy me a next elektron instrument, i’d pick a mnm…

I’ve done a lot of shows with just the MD and MM. MD+OT is what I work with most, but for my upcoming 2 hour improv gig I’m going with the MM and OT. I prefer to process the MM with lots of effects but for live use where I’m creating on the spot it is really great to work with.

Currently rocking the MD (non-UW) and MnM combo, racked up in an EIT with a couple of Strymon effects pedals for good measure.

I have an A4 tucked away, and am aware of the potential joys of hooking it up with either of the machines, particularly the MnM, but when I head out to China to work in August, it’ll probably be the current combo that comes East with me.

The versatility of the MIDI sequencing of MD, MnM and Octatrack makes it hard not to want to include them alongside one of the Analog devices.

When time permits - MDUW+ MnM. Clever in-depth palette of sound.

AK + A4

OT + A4 with either Bass Station 2 or Slim Phatty for bass.

OT replaced 4 devices. The mixer, drum machine, effects unit, and a sampler.

Yeah, tough choice.
Even though I’m still getting used to the A4, and I love the RYTM,
if I had to choose just 2, it’d probably be the OT and A4.

The A4 has a huge range sonic possibilities and it’s analogue.
The OT is not analogue, but it’s a wicked sampler/mixer/midi sequencer.

AR/A4 … with a modular :joy:

Only used MM, MD and OT.

Not proficient in any as yet, but I would vouch for a MM first and foremost. Very versatile. It can do drums too. Not sure what I’d pair with it though. My favourite box by far, and I’ve still not clicked with it.

I own an AK, MD and MnM. The MD is a definite and as of now I would pick the MnM over the AK. That could change in the future once I become more knowledgable with the AK (newest machine) but the MnM layout makes more sense to me and it can sound very analog at times and the FM synthesis is awesome.

Rytm and OT. Only. Anything external is recorded into the Octatrack, but not part of the final rig.

Which is kind of a contradiction, since I’m a keyboard player and love it.

But for performance, I just like the zone you’re in when you’re jamming with the Elektron instruments.

I was used just a MnM for years (2007) and purchased an OT back in 2012, but sold it due to oh so many options being there that I was just not taking advantage of.

I recently got an AR, which I enjoy a lot as it is primarily geared to drums as opposed to the OT which was geared to anything/everything under the sun. Still wrapping my head around with using the song mode on both the MnM and AR (missing the flexibility of the arranger on the OT and the song mode of the MnM compared to the song mode of the AR).

So MnM + AR for me!

I own A4, AR, and OT.

If I had to get rid of one I’d cry and let go of the AR.

A4 can cover a lot of the analog drum sounds of the AR and OT could pick up the slack with samples of any drum machine.

Between a polyphonic analog synth and a sampler you have a pretty hard to beat combo.

+1 for the use of the word maximal.