Your most unused synth?

There is a Japanese word : Tsundoku that means , The art of buying more books than you can read . I wonder if there is a word for the art of buying more synths than you can use ( or afford) . Maybe it’s called GAS.

So what is your most unused synth that you have but you don’t want to sell it (or you can’t) . The one that sits quietly somewhere in your studio and you don’t use it anymore. But is nice to look at it or just have it.

I don’t have so many synths and I’m new to this . For me is my Korg ms2000b. And the next one will be the Typhon . Also Td3 I would like to use it more , but I always forget how to program it.


Volca Modular

Previously FS1r

I’m of the Umberto Eco school on Tsundoku for books.


Bastl Kastle.

The smaller they are the less guilt I feel about having them laying around unused


Roland SH-1, mostly because it is so big for what it does and the PWM doesn’t work that well any more… but I should dig it out at some point because it does sound so very good.

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Haha nice!

As Eco says do they define us ?

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The Roland TB-3.
It’s collecting dust on my shelf because I find it unusable and useless.

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Modal Skulpt. It died for no apparent reason right after the warranty ran out. It’s now an expensive paper weight.

Other than that, my original Uno Synth. I use it pretty often, but my Digitone is my most used synth with my Uno Synth Pro as a distant second.

It’s a pretty small operation over here.


Kawai K1 II.


A stylophone.

Closely followed by a Chimera BC16 which I can’t be bothered to make a PSU adaptor for.

(The BC16 can be battery powered, or takes 5v from a normally unused pin on the MIDI IN socket. My eyesight’s rubbish so I feel great anxiety at the idea of soldering a bespoke cable. I have a 2.1mm barrel socket in a shopping cart open in another tab that I can’t bring myself to pay for…)

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Casio VL-1.
But the recent arrival of the Strega is going to rectify the situation.


Not counting the synths on deck for selling soon (dx7iifd, Casio cz5000, ensoniq esqm, etc) it would either be the original korg monotron or the ensoniq sq1+. Both are great and I do use them from time to time but;
The monotron is so small I forget I have it. If I set it down in a weird spot it’s like it vanishes.
The sq1+ is great too but I don’t have the space to have it set up permanently so I have to move other gear to use it. If I were to get an a-frame stand or something like that I would probably use it a lot more. Underrated synth.


Polyend medusa, I have a love hate relationship with it. I love it’s features, I hate using it.


I have a few, but the reason is I got something better/more useful. And those few will be sold.

For example, Bass Station II because I have the Analog Four MK2. The BSII is still awesome, though.


I had a VL1 as a kid. Then I lost it don’t know where . I wish I still have it. Maybe would be nice for circuit bending.

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Analog Four mk2. It’s great on paper, but I don’t like the character at all.


MicroFreak, my first synth, has keyboard misfires with the not-actually-grounded outlets in my office/studio. I still sample it onto Digitakt on occasion, or put it thru Syntakt FX section, but it never sticks for long in a setup outside of getting sampled. It might get some more play with the 5.0 update, especially for the snappier envelopes and the paraphonic sample playback…

my volcas are packed away but i genuinely believe they are nice pieces of gear and can have legitimate use in a small setup with digi boxes (especially as an analog voice when paired with the dt and/or dn)

i bought the keys when it was first released and it’s technically my first analog synth. it has weathered a decade of dust collection/beer spills from my lurid youth and its pots are scratchy (i take much better care of my gear now)

i picked up the fm not really knowing what it actually was until my mind was subsequently blown a few years later when i discovered a video by oscillator sink discussing sound design by implementing his web editor for it

this is what exposed me to the harmonic series- it was similar to a hallucinogenic revelation and is what got me into synthesis for real

the fm and beats don’t really get any use now that i have the dt / dn but it’s not worth the effort of trying to sell them- i will probably gift them to someone who will hopefully also find them to be a gateway

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What a synth man ! Don’t sell it

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Right now probably the Matriarch. (I usually sell things I find I am not using after a number of months). Part of that is me not yet sure if I really want to tip over the edge into euro land. Possibly not.

It has a spot on a shelf and I can fire it up and use it - but while the oscillators sound nice the filter isn’t that nice and I feel like a few samples might get me where I want to go just as easily.

I’ve recently moved the DT/DN to a shelf, but it is too soon to tell if they will sit unused or get pulled back out. Their former space is still open.


The Digitone. I used to use it all the time, but a few things in my workflow changed in the last few years, the main one being that I bought an M8. It has a pretty robust fm synth built in, which makes it easy to integrate into a composition. Also, when it comes to program-heavy workflows, I get overwhelmed if I have to program more than one instrument at a time, and the M8 continues to appeal to me more than the Digitone, at least for making songs. I should say though, I haven’t updated my Digitone in a while, so I haven’t tried its new song mode. I think I’m gonna do that soon and I try to make a whole composition on it. If I’m not feeling the workflow, then I’ll probably sell it.