Zoom Ms-70 CDR

Wow, a great update! A really good little fx unit just got even better, might have to grab another now!

Favourite fx on this thing? I like the plate reverb, tape delay, mirage chorus and rack comp. the amount of options is a little overwhelming!

This is a nice unit. Like it a lot.

I really like the sound of the Chamber and Church verbs the best. The HD algos sound good, and the Tremolo Reverb just is always lush, love it.

I haven’t done the update yet… some good new ones? I’m skeptical about the comps.

Also, I’m wondering what everyone has their internal efx level parameters set at. For a lot the efx that have a level out control I find that the default setting produces clipping. I usually have to turn it down to around half. I’m using it as an aux sen return with my mixer. Maybe I’m not doing proper gain staging somewhere. Anyone else experience this?

If you really need external FX go for it. I didn’t like the navigation/menu system/workflow. I stuck to presets on it. Ultimately I liked the sound of software I already had better (Valhalla Vintage Verb etc). If you can find one for like $50USD or less, probably worth having around. Dunno what used prices are like really.

Sounds good. I couldn’t tell is the reverb for the Volca coming from the Zoom or the Kaoss pad?

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Also, is this pedal still worth picking up? It’s getting a bit long in the tooth, but it’s cheap and I like that it’s battery powered.

This was a long while ago (and without watching the video) i think im correct in saying the reverb is all through the MS-70 CDR. The Kaoss Pad is giving a dirty filter.

These pedals go for about £50-£80. It’s well worth picking up for that money! Still a great pedal.

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Ordered! It’s so cheap now that I just went ahead and bought one new. I’ve got an El Cap and a Flint, but I really wanted something with stereo inputs that is battery powered and I’m going to use those as insert effects on my mixer. I’m hoping this will breathe some new life into my Volcas, which I have been on the fence about selling. I’ll also try it with my SE-02 and my guitar rig as well.

I’ve been hoping that insert effects would be added to the DT, but now I don’t have to wait and hope, lol.

Tomorrow should be a fun day.

First impression:

I was sort of underwhelmed at first, I didn’t particularly like the Eventide/Strymon patches, and it sounded awful with my guitar rig.

Then I discovered the real secret of this thing - layering. My lord, it can sound huge. I never even contemplated stacking reverbs before. The Zoom and a Volca Keys, and suddenly I’m in outer space, riding the filter to keep from blowing the roof off my house.


Don’t forget to upgrade the firmware as well, plenty of new effects !


Mine luckily came already updated to version 2.0.

I’m late to the party so most people probably know about this already, but the free ToneLib app is great for backing up and tweaking patches, and quickly experimenting with different effect chains.



Yea, chaining FX is the key to the MS series.
Great bang for buck.

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For the price it’s great.

But owning it just made me want a better reverb unit.

Ended up with an OTO Bam.

Cool Pedal tho :japanese_ogre:

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Wow had mine for a year and didn’t realise there was an update! :roll_eyes:


I can understand that. My Strymons (El Cap, Flint, and Möbius) sound better, particularly on guitar, BUT the Zoom can do some neat stuff on synths, particularly when stacking, and I like that it has stereo inputs and is battery powered. I really like the Cave reverb, so have been trying that with delays and other reverb combinations.

I thought this was a nice video of the Zoom with a Volca Keys.


There is a ToneLib alternative ZoomLib http://www.zoompatches.com/forum/index.php and a web editor https://g200kg.github.io/zoom-ms-utility/


i have the MS100BT and really like it - though I will say a lot of the effects don’t compare to the real ones they try to emulate. they are still nice and usable nonetheless though.

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I own both a MS70 and a MS100.
I did compare the reverbs and the delays with the real counterparts few times (Eventide Space and Strymon Timeline), and to me the sounds are pretty close! Of course the Zoom is not so high-end and refined, but in a live situation, nobody will notice anything!

I was also able to fake some sounds I can get from the Meris Mercury7, by creating patches on the MS combining plate reverb, space hole and pitch delay together.

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