Zoom Ms-70 CDR

I just recently discovered this pedal.

It really seems to be a good pedal for around 100€. Weird effects and up to 6 effects chained.

Any users - pros/cons and so on ?

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It’s a keeper. Made a video running through the patches.

Haven’t figured out the relationship between the tap tempo and the delay times but it hasn’t stopped me from using it.


Cons are no fun fuzz and comp/limit algos as in the MS-60B or MS-100BT, and not true stereo.

But lots of bang for buck if you want a portable reverb/delay/chorus.


In what way is it not “true stereo”?

You can pick them up really cheap 2nd hand.
Great effects for the money.

Lots of Zoom MS-70CDR use in my OP-1 videos …


If you pick up the now discontinued ms100bt all the downloadable fx are now free.


stereo inputs get summed to mono, then stereo FX are applied to that mono sum, and a stereo signal is generated.


Bought it. Love it.

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it’s great. But i dont get the Line Select machine. I would assume that this allows me to control dry/wet of all the effects in the chain at once. but for me, this doesnt work. If i dial down the EFX Level the whole input is turned down too. Weird stuff. Maybe its just me.

Apart from that: Great for Mono Inputs, some very nice Stereo Effects there.

Well I am sure this is the case for the mono FX algorithms but I would be surprised if it was the case for the stereo FX algorithms.

I am certain it has nothing to do with the algorithms.

Input stereo signal. Pan the source, the panning doesn’t come out the other end.

Wow, if that is the case I am surprised they can get away with calling it a stereo unit.

I have one and enjoy it. I do keep wondering if an upgrade to an Eventide Space would be worth it, but reverb is my favorite thing ever. Anybody have both and care to comment?

I don’t dig “incremental” encoder, if that’s the correct term. I like the smooth turning Elektron style encoders.

I will say I often find myself running out of DSP power after 3-4 fx chained.

I did a long listen last night comparing the CDR-70, Dub Machines Diffuse reverb, TAL reverb III, Ableton’s reverb, Valhalla Plate, Valhalla Vintage Verb, and the new AudioThing Outer Space, and I can say they are all different and do their own thing. I don’t have a clear-cut “winner” or even a favorite as they all have their own character and strong points.

CDR-70, as far as interface-wise, not a whole lot of advantage for studio use over one of the valhallas or something with a halfway decent midi controller. For live and computer-free setups, obviously the pedal is a keeper.

Bonus - Fun pixel graphics on the CDR-70!

Don’t have the CDR-70 but do have a H9 Core, which I would recommend over the Space as you can choose to buy delay, modulation and pitch shift algos.

I have a couple of the Space algos (dual verb and tremolo verb) though for day to day reverb I much prefer my Lexicon MX (more transparent/natural sounding) but I am not someone who would have a use for the Blackhole algo.

For me the Eventide strength is in pitch shifting, particularly the fine pitch shifting which can really fatten up sounds. The weakness is only one algo at a time and the price (oh and a bit of repetition in the algos).

I remember losing my mind once trying to run two separate signals through it…

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Have just purchased a CDR-70 and have to say I am quite impressed, particularly as the recent free software update adds a further 51 FX algorithms. Makes my H9 seem seriously overpriced.

With regards to its stereo capabilities, some of the FX algorithms are mono in and mono out, some are mono in and stereo out and some are stereo in and stereo out.

It is certainly possible to have a true stereo FX chain as long as you don’t include a mono FX algorithm in the chain


Excellent! Thanks for clarifying.


Besides it is stereo, it has 137 efx it’s also batery powered; two AA bateries that last for 7 hrs!
…and all of that for 90 euros.

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Hard to beat!

I really enjoy the MS-60b (which I suppose now with MS-70cdr’s update, all the same algos are available?) for dirtying up a MD kick (taking it to Rytm territory), and/or adding grit to TT-606 hats.

be abware that there is a 2.0 firmware available that adds more great effects to this fantastic unit.

“The new firmware opens up new music-making possibilities by offering guitarists classic effects like Tremolo, Slicer, Octaver, Pitch Shifter, Slow Attack, Noise Gate, Exciter, and Envelope Filter. There’s also a studio quality compressor and some advanced effects such as Lo-Fi, Synthesizer and Organ simulation.”