Zoom recorder/interface recommendation?

Hello Elektronauts, I’ve been having some issues doing what used to be my normal recording method.

I used to record directly into my iPhone via the camera app or other video apps but the audio has either been out of sync or clipping pretty gnarly. Not exactly sure what’s changed to cause this issue. I’m using a legit Apple camera/USB adaptor and using my Syntakt or any other class compliant audio over USB synth as an interface.

To rectify this I’m thinking to record video separately from audio and stitch them together after. All I really want is stereo and a reasonably portable way to get the audio into my phone cleanly.

So, what’s your favorite little recording device? What’s one you think would work well in my situation?

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I’ve had a couple of little Tascams and a Zoom H4n Pro.

They’re all pretty much the same, especially if you only want a stereo recorder and don’t want to piss about with overdubs or multitracking. Have a look at a few YouTube reviews, buy the one you like the look of the most.


I use the Audiobus 3 app to select and monitor my incoming USB audio signal with the Apple “camera kit” adapter. I always trim down the input to give a little extra headroom. This might be all you need to be able to “take a look” before recording your video.

I should add that I use various USB devices. tx-6, Audient EVO, Behringer Q502USB, Elektron boxes etc. All monitoring with the app first, sync is always spot on and levels are great 99% of the time. If I’m generous with headroom, no clipping or dropouts. The Behringer gets a feed from my Focusrite Rednet audio network, allowing me to mix down anything in my studio and shoot straight with the phone.


I think any stereo field recorder is fine but if you like the idea of a second stereo track the h4n pro would be a great option (4 total tracks) and the batteries on zoom recorders last forever.

also I highly recommend that if you’re going to line out from your syntakt that you get an attenuator cable so you don’t have to constantly worry about the levels if you’re recording something with dynamic changes between the peaks and the lows.

Amazon.com: Movo MV-RC100 3.5mm Male Line-in to Male Microphone Attenuator Cable for HDSLR Cameras : Musical Instruments
this works great for me. the only thing I would say about zoom recorders is they record a little bass heavy when you line in, and where I normally wouldn’t use a lo-cut, sometimes I do use the built in lo-cut.

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Thank you peeps. I appreciate hearing your solutions.

I’ll try this out before I go buying anything. Thanks!

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This too is something I hadn’t considered. Didn’t even know there was a bespoke cable for that. Thanks!

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field recorders seem to be really sensitive, you have to be careful with the level or you get a shit recording. anything out of a mixer (which technically is like what you’re feeding into it because it’s not an external mic) tends to clip pretty hard, I mean I hate paying 20 bucks for a 6 inch cable but it made a huge difference for me so, take that as you will.

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Good field recorders will have a line/mic setting for their inputs if they have XLR/jack combo sockets. That plus setting the gain with some test material so it won’t clip and you should be fine. Most recorders also have limiters which can help, though analogue limiters are better than digital in general but to my knowledge only Sound Devices stuff has analogue limiters atm.

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Zoom F3 is the best portable stereo recorder right now.
32bit so u dont need to adjust levels on it, just pop batts in, plug in and record.

check Field Recorders for more info :v:


Just reporting back in to say I went cheap and got a Zoom H2n and it is exceeding expectations. Figuring out how to transfer data to my phone, also using it as an interface is working flawlessly.
Contrary to what I was reading online it also is able to record the line input and mic simultaneously if I ever feel inclined to add voiceover in the future.

Thanks for everyone’s input!