8 MIDI Tracks - Why?

Why does Digitakt have 8 MIDI tracks? Does anyone need as many? Or is there someone who sequences 8 separate MIDI devices with their Digitakt simultaneously?

Wouldn’t it be much more useful to have more audio tracks instead? I am willing to bet even 4 MIDI tracks would be overkill for most.I wonder if some of the MIDI tracks could be converted to audio tracks in a future update.

“This device has features that support a use case that isn’t exactly mine. Why is this? Could Elektron instead fundamentally change the product design to be more in line with exactly what I need? I wonder if they will radically alter the internal sound engine in a free future update to better accommodate me.”


I have 3 external synths to sequence, but I plan to use multiple tracks for each. Especially since all notes per track have to have the same length and velocity. For example, my Roland JX-03 has 4 note poly, but I plan to use 1 track for 3 note chords and another for bass notes or whatever. My 0-coast is monophonic, but I plan to use 2-3 tracks to do some creative voice stealing. I think I’ll probably use 6 tracks on average for 3 synths.


For me it’s the same as @hotscience, sending out to a Minitaur, Sub37 and a Juno106 layered and maybe use a couple-o-tracks for external drum-machines too


8 MIDI tracks is only half enough to sequence my Virus Ti2, should I want to use all 16.


As an extension to using multiple tracks on the same channel, you could use the modulo trig conditions to effectively get another 4 bars for a single synth, by having two 4-bar tracks: one with all trigs set to 1:2 and another all set to 2:2. Could extend this further for 4, 8, 12, 16 etc bar sequences for a single synth, at the cost of using more MIDI tracks


omg amazing idea

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Why would you sequence Reaktor with DT instead of your DAW?

Exactly. Something wrong with that?

I own two Roland JV1080’s. I’ll run 16 different sounds using 16 midi channels on each unit. I can use up 8 midi tracks pretty quickly.


Are you for real?

I mean the easy answer to all your questions in this thread is “Cause it is. Why do you care?”

But to go into more detail: I try to use as little of the mouse in music making as possible.


I am trying to understand the design decision behind 8 MIDI tracks in Digitakt. Is that not obvious?

I’m not sure if Reaktor is the best instrument for you to begin with…

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I dont have a Digitakt, but on my OT I use 2 Midi Tracks to control VDMX, 2 Midi Tracks to program OT parameters and scenes, 2 midi tracks for 2 mono synths, 1 for a vocoder.
Why aren’t you using 8 midi tracks ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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In OT I kind of understand this because it has so much more functionality. As Digitakt is supposed to be a simple sampler with MIDI sequencing as a “bonus”, it seemed at first to me it could be more useful to have more audio tracks instead of MIDI tracks.

Judging from the replies to my post, it seems people would rather want more MIDI tracks however :slight_smile:


It seems to me people want less of whatever this is.

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Analog RYTM no midi sequencing = endless complaints
Digitakt has midi sequencing = (im not sure whats going on here)


I got this impression from reading the Digitakt manual (page 9). Could be I have the wrong impression.

I have complained a lot about the lack of MIDI sequencing in Analog Four, but for me, one MIDI track would be enough. I do understand some people want more, especially after reading the angry replies I have received in this thread.

no, i see the midi sequencing as the bread and butter, and sampling as the bonus.

to each their own…