Analog mk2 grey and black comparison

I just acquired a brand new analog four mk2 in black (thank you tax return). I already own a grey mk2 rytm. And to my surprise no one on the forum has compared them side by side yet. I figured I’d make a thread with some pictures :smile:

The first thing I noticed is that the black analog four isn’t just black, its midnight. It looks like a stealth jet. They’ve decided to remove the camo highlight in favour of grey, with underlined text for func shortcuts. Also note the elektron logo got made smaller to make the surface area even more dark.

The finish feels identical to the Rytm. Both are a tiny bit reflective and smooth to the touch. Other than the colour scheme there are no real differences as far as I can discern. EDIT: It feels like the LEDs are a tiny bit brighter on the analog four.

I think they actually look pretty dope in mismatched colours. What do you guys think?


actually the LEDs I thought anyway were softer compared to my old gray rytm but I haven’t had it for a while. def softer than the digitakt. I hope they roll out the refined LED coloring to all the boxes eventually. the cleaner pastel colors are so much easier on the eyes in the dark.

Huh, they actually look good together. This is dangerous.


Yes I love it

I will get an A4 now thank you!

Perfect colour match

I’m seeing some variance in brightness of LEDs on both units. The main thing that stands out is the 4 sequencer page LEDs. These are much brighter on my analog four.

Nice! Yeah I think they did a great job of making both the grey MK2’s and black MK2’s jive well together. I’m sure it was part intentional and personally I like the aesthetic of both equally. Though I’m sad for those that loved calling their MK1 trio the “dark trinity”. Maybe there still is a dark trinity, albeit a broader classification. As long as it doesn’t include an OT MK2!

I have scoured the web to find a photo liked this but with the colours reversed (black rytm etc) and needless to say this confirms it would look great :heart_eyes:


What OS are you on for your Rytm? 1.60a should have the updated brightness as well.

Mom (A4) Dad (AR) Daughter(DN) Son (DT) Dark family :stuck_out_tongue:

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I have 1.60A on a black Mk2 and it’s still mega bright. Also was there some confusion about the OS updating all the Mk2s? I was under the impression it was something they did on black Mk2s only due to the increased contrast.

Oh, hmm maybe? Seems like it’d be more work than it’s worth to set up two color tables depending on the device esp since the grays are discontinued tho. hmm.

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I looked up the release notes for 1.60 and 1.60A, no mention of LED brightness. I think it’s a hardware thing only. Black ones are supposedly dimmer.

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interesting. it’s like an entirely different color. like the red is salmon pinkish and green is like a “spearmint” color it’s really nice. I figured they just added a trim on the output and mixed in some white percentage to all the colors. :S that’s a bummer if it’s actually different LEDs. doesn’t seem like it would be tho.

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It could be that the OS looks up what version of the unit is being used on start up and changes accordingly? I’m not techy enough for these kind of things tho :slight_smile:

And agreed that the new colours are beautiful!

Edit: Here it says: “New look. New lights. New music.”


The small red LEDs on my Rytm mkII black are crazy bright!
That’s my main complaint about the Rytm mkII compared to mkI or Analog Keys.

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I don’t have this issue on the grey mk2

But it also says new backlit color pallet which to me says they changed the color values. Not the hardware itself

I’m running the latest firmware on both units. Now that it is evening where I am located I can see the difference you’re talking about. It’s kind of hard to pick up on camera but I think you can make it out in the image below

The greens and reds are a more soft shade on the black units. The whites are identical. The brightness of the LEDs seems mostly the same, except for the aforementioned sequencer page LEDs on my black unit.


This was the same with early and later runs of Digitakt. I have two Digitakts. The one I got early on had a green that was very saturated like a Christmas green. The Digitakt I bought a year later had a lighter, almost minty green shade to the lights.