Analog Rytm only Albums?

Ive heard a lot of the Analogue Rhythm to know just how versatile it is. From Hip Hop to EDM to Synthwave. Pretty much any genre is covered by this machine. But has anyone ever released a complete album made with just the Rhythm? Id be very interested to know. Cheers.


I can’t say if it was completely RYTM, but wasn’t the drums on the atoms for peace album pretty much rytm?

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Kind of shameless self promotion, but my last instrumental hiphop album is done entirely on the AR. Everything is sampled, chopped, sequenced and mixed within the AR. Nearly all tracks are stereobounces straight from the main outs:


Elektron released a limited-edition EP by Plaid on which they used only the Analog Rytm.
Contemporaneous interview here:



This sounds very familiar, very Rytm.


How did you find the complete process?

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But it was used on tour. Could’ve highlighted that section.

Released this one 3 years ago. 100% Analog Rytm doing ambient.


Well I basically make all my tracks on the AR. To me, it’s a really inspiring, limited canvas to work on, which I love. No more than 12 tracks/8 polyphony works great to not overdo stuff. The sound of the AR is also unlike anything else, its warm and punchy. Songmode works great for doing full, varied tracks.

2 things I dislike making complete songs, and I hope a firmware update will fix:

  • The AR can sound too heavy, there’s so much low end weight, that theres a constant struggle to get rid of too much low frequencies. This could be solved using ob and a daw to mix, but that takes away from the workflow imo. We really need a base-width filter for the samples!
  • I chop samples by using the startpoint finetuning trick and the amp envelope retrigger trick I discovered (I explained both in the tips&tricks thread). Even though it works, and I’m now pretty quick that way, theres always a sense that I’m using the machine in a weird, illogical way. I hope elektron will add more precision to samplestart/end to just make the AR behave like it should.

Dope, will check this out!

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Was about to post that as well

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Posted here before, if you are interested there are more details and sound settings (further down the page).


Rytm only track by chap calling themself Astronoize. Amazing!

MK1 by the way :slight_smile:


I’ve watched all your YouTube videos and all are great songs. They inspired me to put my MPC aside and make the Rytm my main sampler for now. I too am enjoying the limited track count.


Luke’s Anger tracks are mostly Rytm MK2 by itself.

Here’s a big album from 2020

Not sure which are only Rytm, or which employ OT and/or Tempest. Not sure it matters as he extracts his own style out of his tools, regardless of which are selected.


Also sorry for the self promo but here’s one of mine from a few years ago. There are a few little synth additions here and there but it’s 97% AR. Put all of the tracks together over a month while visiting New Orleans, hence the loose song name theme.

duh, should mention this one too. it’s in the name! Still some tapes left.


@zaezur thanks man! I hope you’ll love the AR as much as I do…

@George_Michael your stuff is always great and really inspires me even though you have a very different sound than me. I love how well everything in your tracks matches together.

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This person’s work is, afik, AR only

@kindohm’s work is a ton of AR

The percussion on Sons Of is, I believe, mostly AR and ND3P.


As @xidnpnlss mentions, that VR Sunset release was nearly 100% Analog RYTM MK1, aside from two things:

  1. sequencer: I use TidalCycles as my sequencer and use the RYTM only as a synth
  2. a single additive synth VST for stabs (Harmor)

Otherwise on that music, the RYTM is doing all of the pads/textures with a ton of sample mangling, and of course it’s doing all of the drums and percussion.